Monday, July 28, 2008

Baseball Games and The Beach

We have just been going nonstop. Sunday after church we went to the beach for the day and night and had a great big fire. The girls loved swimming in the ocean and just had a ball. I have pictures of this but they are on my other camera so I will post later. Last Thursday night we went to a Quakes (the farm team for the Angels) game and it was so much fun. The girls had never seen a baseball game and really enjoyed it. The best part is that if the Quakes win the game, they have a huge fireworks show. They just loved the whole experience. Yilia said, "I didn't understand the rules of the game but I loved the atmosphere."

The girls got to test their throwing arm to see how fast they could pitch. They were good sports and played along-- they actually did pretty well!!!

The girls leave Wednesday morning so we have had this fun "surprise"planned for them since the beginning. They have known there is going to be a surprise but had no idea what. All us adults got babysitters and took one of Brian and Heather's limos and picked the girls up from the church (after school was over for the day) and took them down to the beach and had dinner on the end of the pier. When they walked out they were just amazed. They had seen limos but had never been in one and were sooooooooo excited. We had a nice dinner and we did a bit of shopping after dinner and then we went home. It was a great surprise-- one I am sure they will not forget.

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  1. HOW FUN!!!!
    You are all sooo amazing..
    These girls will never forget all the wonderful things you have done for them...
    Love all the pictures..
    Have a Great couple days.. you are all going to miss them sooo much..
    Even though you have been running around with your head cut off...
    Hugs girly..
    Pretty soon you will be off to Hawaii..
    Have fun..
    Miss ya...

  2. What a GREAT time!! These are memories that the girls will never forget! You guys are terrific hosts!!! I just admire you so much!! Hope yall have a great time on vacation. When do you leave?

  3. Wow, what a great send off for the girls! They'll be talking about this trip for the rest of their lives! ; )

  4. What a great experience for those girls!! They will always remember your family.

    Sounds like you have been so busy. I think you need some down time - oh wait, you're going to HAWAII!! I know you're excited. Can't wait to see lots of pics.

  5. That is such a neat thing to do! It's something those girls will never forget!


  6. Hey Christy...Did you guys feel the earthquake? Hope everything is ok where you guys are!!

  7. I just thought about your guys after hearing about the quake! I remember from living in LA how darn scarey they are! I am so hoping that you all are ok!!

  8. Thinking of you since I know the earthquake is pretty close by you guys!

    What did your exchange students think?

  9. What an awesome surprise for these young girls!! They are never going to forget (that crazy blonde!!) and this trip to the US!!