Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hair Cut # 4

Mia turned 20 months a few days ago and on her monthday, I decided to get her crazy mop cut for the 4th time. She did great and I just am in love with this cut. Her hair finally is getting long enough that the bangs are only about 1 inch above the rest of her hair-- so in about 5 weeks or so, it will all be one length--- yaaaaaa!!!!! It blows me away at how fast her hair grows. The lady took over an inch off the back and the sides but didn't touch the front. Anyway, it is a cute cut!!

I love the look on her face in this picture. She looks so oppositionally compliant-- if that makes sense. I had to post this pic-- too funny!!

After the cut my big girl looks so cute!!

A collage of the event.

You can see in this pic as well as the last pic in the collage that her sides are all bob'd up. The back and the sides are even now and the bangs are just about an inch above the rest.

After the cut Mia and I went home to help the "MEN" work in the yard (remember the big basketball/ concrete area). The front yard is totally torn up as Kevin had to re rout all the sprinklers for both front and back yards. We have a pretty large front and back yard so it is a lot of work for him. Anyway, after trenching up the whole yard, Mia and I brought daddy some Hawaiian BBQ for lunch. Since the moment we got home from China, Mia has been addicted to Hawaiian BBQ. She will eat it at every meal if given the opportunity.

Looking cute as can be!

Watching daddy work!!

Love this picture.

Walking in the dirt.

Riding a bike on the grass doesn't work very well.

Maybe it will work better if I drag it.

OK, I'll just sit on it.

Daddy and the trencher.

Running away

Checking her trike to make sure her sippy is still there.

Playing with the baseball. She actually has learned to toss the ball pretty well-- not great but OK!!


  1. What a cute cut! And I REALLY love that dress!!!

    regarding your other posts that I just caught up on....

    Yosmite is truly magical. We went there for New Years a few years back. It was heaven! No one there, had a major snow storm blow in, and made a huge snowman in our campsite. It was a trip we've always wanted to do again.

    Bass Lake is awesome. I used to spend time there with my ex's family. It's not a bad drive for us from here...we might need to get rid of the old memories and make some new ones.

    I can't believe how much the boys are growing! And of course Mia too...she's really gonna be 2 in 4 months?? WOW!

  2. LOVE Mia's cut...
    It is soooo cute..
    Looks like she loves playing outside..
    LOVE the little dress. and that clippie goes perfect..
    LOVE IT.
    Have a Great Evening.
    I could see the fist few pictures..
    I will check back..

  3. Great pics!!

    Mia is just TOO cute!!

  4. I love her cut too!!! Great pictures!!

    Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

  5. Seeing her face is always precious..but watching her leave with that cute bob from behind - LOVE IT!!! I am loving her little patchwork dress & those hot pink shoes!!! I love seeing Mia!

  6. Such a cute cut! Cute dress too... she looks adorable!


    HAPPY 4TH!!!



  8. I love her new haircut! Way too cute!!! Great pictures. Happy 4th of July!