Sunday, July 20, 2008

Medieval Times!!

By the way, we are so busy that I have not had even a minute to check my fellow bloggers blogs-- please forgive me for being a bad blogger friend but we are just running around with our heads cut off :)
What an unbelievably fun night we had last night at Medieval Times. It was just a blast and out Chinese Students just loved it!!! We went with our friends that are also hosting students-- Brian and Heather and Dave and Kimberly. All of our students could not stop talking about the whole event. They said they have never seen anything like that before-- horses, jousting, tournaments, eating with our hands and so on. Here are some pictures of the great time!!!

Yilia, Daisey and the boys.

Yilia, Daisey and the rest of the clan-- minus me.

Oh-- there I am!!

The girls just love Mia-- It is very cute!!

Abe, Brian, Kevin and Dave-- the big kids-- really they are just like big kids-- they crack us up!!

Here are all our three families students-- Daisey (ours), Annette (Dave and Kimberly's), Yilia (ours), Anna (Dave and Kimberly's), Amy and April (both Brian and Heathers)

Some goofy medieval kids

The girls with the master of ceremony-- they loved him!!

Some gratuitous Mia pictures

The master of ceremony showing the kids his sword.

And telling stories

The girl in the middle is Holland who is Heather's little sister (half) out from Tennessee. The Chinese girls were very interested in Holland and wanted pictures with her. Holland is the same age (actually a little younger) than the students.

The kids loved eating with their hands. The food was actually really good. We had Dragon soup (vegy), dragon meat (baked chicken), dragon toe nails (spare ribs), another dragon something which was potatoes and finally dragon tails which was an apple tart for dessert.

Emily and the girls.

Part of the show. It was really cool. They did horse tricks and it was like the horses and people were performing for the king and queen who sat right next to us but there was an underlying story of the kings son being kidnapped and then they had to fight to get him back and so on.

Kidnapping the prince.

This was the red knight who represented the area we sat and he actually won the whole tournament.

This is the prince and princess and the girls thought the prince was very handsome.

Anyway, we had a blast. We just got home from church (about 1 hour ago) and we are now off to a party at Brian and Heather's. I will make sure to take some pictures of that event as well. Have a great rest of your weekend.


  1. Holy Cow....
    How NEAT...
    LOVE, LOVE , LOVE the pictures..
    Looks like the girls ( who are all sooo pretty) had a wonderful time..
    I forgive ya girly.. I know you are busy.. I still love ya..
    Have a Great Time..
    I am loving all the pictures..
    Have fun..

  2. What a COOL thing to go to!!! How special that those girls admire Mia so much!!! SWEET!!! Thanks for sharing the pics. Have a great time with your exchange students!!!

  3. What fun. I attended one of those dinners in London but it was not near as large.

  4. this does look fun!
    Hey it is hard to visit everyone in the summer. I find I am behind on others posts too.

  5. Looks like you are having a great time! We have never been to one of those. The boys would love it.