Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Emery last day in china!!!

Well we are packing up and we must be down stairs with our luggage in 30 minutes. We are them coming back up to our room for emery to nap and then will meet our guide at 6:30pm in the lobby. We will head to the Guangzhou airport and at 9pm will fly home----yaaaaaa!!! We can't wait to be home. We miss the kids a ton and can't wait to get life back to normal.

The last couple days have been super slow. Haven't done much. I have some
Pics on my camera but I'm posting this from my phone because the computer is already packed. I'll post the coming home pics with the others once we are home. Just can't wait. It's been quite a journey and emery is quite a little girl!! She is doing so much better than we could ever have imagined and is such a vivacious life living little girl. She makes everyone laugh and is the most outgoing of all my kids. She is bonding amazingly and is such a gift! She is going to really spice up our family!!!

Here are a few pics taken with my iPhone before we leave. emery is constantly on the move so it's hard to catch a picture very easily but here is my attempt.


  1. praying for safe travel and a baby that sleeps alot!! Hope the transition home goes just as well as the one in China did...LOVED following your journey!! She's just beautiful! congrats!

  2. Have a great trip home.....your trip seemed to go so quickly this time. Emery is adorable and I know she will LOVE her new brothers and sisters!!!

  3. Can't wait for your return. Kids are so anxious!

  4. Praying for safe & healthy journey home!!! What a blessing Emery
    is. She's just the perfect child for your family.



  5. So glad all is well and that you are on your way safely home!!
    Thanks for sharing your journey. It takes me back!
    Best wishes for a smooth re-entry.
    Sinshine 11
    Brilliance 6

  6. What a beauty! I can't believe you're back again so soon... I'm so jealous... but SO SO SO SO Happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Suzie, who met you at Lucy's when you went for Finley