Friday, June 15, 2012

We made it to Kunming!!!

*** Update-- MOM and Cass, yes you missed my call and so did Ethan, Owen and Mary-- so can you guys please tell them when they see an unknown number that they answer it. We really want to talk with the kids. Will try again in the morning-- our morning-- your night.

We went out and had some lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. Kunming has many international universities and there is a street called Foreigner street and we saw lots of ethnic variety including quite a few white people. We still standed out like crazy and would stop families as they walked past us eating lunch but we did see other ethnicities as well. We are now in the horrific process of TRYING to stay awake. It is only 4pm and we are dying to go to bed. We are back in our hotel and decided not to eat dinner-- since that seems to be all I have been doing is sitting in a seat and eating the food shoved at me-- so I feel horribly fat! Kev just showered and it is now my turn and now the hard part of trying to stay awake begins. Anyway, I will post some pics tomorrow.


We just got into our hotel and unpacked. Flights were uneventful but china southern premium economy is great!! Seats were huge and we were actually able to sleep ok.

We are now in kunming and it's only 11am but we are fighting the urge to sleep. Our guide Eric is really nice and is going to take us on a walk around and shown us some sites.

We found out we get emery at about 9am Monday morning do watch for an update with pics and video soon after that.

Been trying to Skype the kids but no one is answering their phones so if mom or ethan or owen or anyone sees this, when you see an odd number coming through-- answer it!!! It's your parents!!!

Ok, I'll leave you with a pic of our room and I'll update everyone soon!!




  1. Did you just call? It was from an unknown number :(

  2. Great room - LOL!! I have to tell you that we have friends that lived in Kunming for several years "teaching ESL", they have since moved to the countryside (same Province). They have been in the states for the last year on furlough but left a couple days ago and just posted on FB that they have landed and are also in Kunming as of today as well. Maybe your paths crossed in the airport - LOL!!

    So excited to be watching for pictures of your beautiful new daughter in your arms.

  3. YEAH! Can't wait to see your sweet girl in your arms! Following your journey closely as our little guy is there too!

  4. Think we missed you call. At Fu Shings with Congaltons. Please try and call again. Can't wait to see Emery, we're so excited! Upholding you guys in prayer. Love you.

  5. Thanks for the update!! Already blog stalking and counting hours on 'when you should arrive/where you are ectt' :) kinda sorry we aren't there this time So excited I can't stand it...keep the updates coming!!!

  6. So glad you guys made it safely! We'll be watching & waiting for Monday's post when you get Emery! Praying for you & can't wait to see her.

  7. Ughh!!! I can't believe we all missed your calls. You guys had to have been going nuts. I know the kids will be with Mary but call us to buy remember we will all be at Katie's wedding which starts at 6. So call us before or sometime during the reception. Everyone will want to hear from you. Your room looks really nice.

  8. YAY! So excited and can't wait to see pictures!

  9. Christy! So excited for you!!! Get some rest! Can't wait to see that baby girl! You are an amazing mom! All your fears and worries will go away once you hold her in your arms! Love Mary Jane