Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finally~ Emery Last Day and Homecomming

* Excuse the spelling errors. Spell check on blogger will not work right now and Emery is waking up from her nap so I dont have time to edit in word so please excuse my horrific spelling-- ill fix it later.

After great delay-- sorry-- really I am but jet lag and a baby who does not sleep well has really kicked my bum-- here is the last day in China and Emery's homecoming.

First, on Tuesday night, we had dinner with a couple of the other WASATCH families. The Gratz's could not be there but we enjoyed our time with the Patty Fouts and family and Jamie, Chris and Olivia Wilson. We went to Pizza Hut which sounds horrible but it was not bad at all. Im totally not into eating American in China but this was pretty good and the Pizza Hut there was more like a sit down restaurant with beet and wine. It tasted great!!!

The Fouts Crew, The Bock Crew and the Wilson Crew

We had to take a picture of this-- the is a super size (double size) Tsingtao (Kev loves these) and it was 2.5 RMB  at the Trust Store in GZ. That is about .35 cents for a double size Tsingtao. That is soooo crazy. Kevin just had a small one at our favorite Chinese restaurant in PAsadena last night and it was $4 for the small one. Yes, we had Chinese again-- we took Kevin's parents and my parents and my sister to dinner to thank them for watching the kids and we have taken them to FuShing's in Pasadena after each China trip so we had to keep with tradition!

At the Trust Mart-- kind of like Walmart in GZ by the Garden Hotel.


On our way back from lunch Kev went back to the hotel to continue to pack and  Emery and I went to the bakery across from the side exit of the Garden. While in the bakery a massive downpour started! It was like a monsoon-- literally crazy rain. We kept cover in the bakery with a few others for about 10 min until it passed and then made a run for it. Luckily we were just across the street from the hotel but man was it coming down-- like nothing I have ever seen.

Emery and I waiting out the monsoon!

I took this pic by leaning over Emery

Before we were being picked up for the airport, we  had about 1.5 hours to kill so we went to the place I said we would never go to while in China-- Mc Donalds-- yes we poisoned our daughters body before we could even leave China-- but she really liked the poison :)

Last picture in the lobby of the Garden-- which by the way was a wonderful hotel. I would suggest it to anyone traveling to China. Nice area, lots of great cheap restaurants and amazing rooms!! We really enjoyed our time at the Garden in GZ.

Many of you were aware how terrified we were of the plane ride home. Emery screamed almost the whole flight from Kunming to GZ which was only 2 hours. So the thought of a 12+ hour flight freaked us out. Luckily, our wonderful in china staff made sure we got BulkHead on the flight home and that made all the difference in the world. The fact that Emery could sit on the floor and crawl around and move and play was like night and day from the previous trip. She was so happy most of the flight. Our flight was straight out of GZ to LAX (we live about 40 min drive from LAX) which was awesome. Furthermore, we were in Premium Economy on China Southern and the seats were huge! Emery had plenty of room to crawl, move and sit. We were all very happy. She slept a bit-- not a ton but enough that she was rested enough to feel fine. We were about 45 min late getting into LAX and finally made it through customs and all the immigration checks by about 8:30pm (BTW- all paperwork was processed and Emery is now a US citizen-- yaaaa!!!).

Here was our first view coming up the ramp to see the family! Not my favorite man in the world (very liberal mayer of LA) but it was a welcome sight of home!

And this is what we saw waiting for us!!! My dad was waiting in the car so he did not have to park but it was such a cool sight to see everyone!!

Owen and Grandma getting their first time with Emery!

Mia checking her out

Owen already was making her smile

First Family picture!!! So happy to be home!!!

Emery was for sure the center of attention but she really liked it. She is a major ham or a "tornado" as Chris and Jamie would say.

My mom, Ethan, Em and I

Too cute

And finally exiting the airport. The trip was great and the kids did great without us and in the amazingly capable hands of our family. We are so blessed to have them and their support.

I will post some thoughts~ you know~ more deep thoughts~ later but for now I wanted to get the last pictures posted.

BTW, we have already been to the Dr. and our pediatrician could not hear the murmur either-- so who knows if it is even there. We have a referral pending for the cardiologist and I guess we will see soon but how cool would it be if the murmur was gone-- soooooo cool!!! Also, pray that Emery will sleep better through the night. She wakes up around 2 to 3am and thinks its time to play for HOURS!!! Literally hours and we cant get her back down. We need her to sleep becuase we are useless if we dont get our sleep so please pray she adjusts and starts sleeping well.


  1. She is so adorable! I'm sure sleep will come soon. Blessings

  2. Welcome home, not a better feeling in the world!!!! All the kids look so happy:). Praying for some sleep for you soon !

  3. Welcome home!!! i hope you all get some sleep:)

  4. So exciting Christy! Congratulations and welcome home!

  5. Yeah...welcome home! praying for sleep. hope the transion continues to go well! Love the pics!

  6. Hooray! I've been waiting to see the pics from your arrival home. BUT, I seriously didn't recognize Ethan with his haircut...I was like, who is this kid who just invaded their family photo?!?! :)