Saturday, June 23, 2012

Emery Days 5 and 6

We finally made it to Guangzhou after many problems and delays. We finished up getting Emery's passport in Kunming and headed to the airport yesterday- Friday. When we got to the airport our guide attempted to check us in and we then encountered our first bump in a long day of bumps. The check in people in china said they had no record of Emery's ticket and that we could not take her on the flight-- Ummm... excuse me?? We are just going to leave her here-- ok ma'am, why don't you look a little bit harder for that ticket since we HAVE A RECEIPT PRINTED OUT IN FRONT OF YOU!!! Oh Lord was I pissed and the Chinese official people knew it. Our guide even got our beloved China coordinator Sabrina on the phone from the USA to help sort it out. After what seemed like forever and literally involving every China official person they had at that stinkin airport they realized-- oh, I guess we were wrong-- she can go with you! Oh thanks so much official China person who shows no emotion or care that you freaked us out like that-- GEZZZZZZZ.... Anyway, she had her ticket and off we went to the gate. ]

We got to the gate and there were a big group of missionary college kids from Arkansas and Mississippi and they were great to talk to. After some time we realized- hay shouldn't we be boarding soon. Oh yes, then came our next bump. I guess the weather in Guangzhou was typhoonish and all flights were delayed. We were delayed 3 hours and we did not get to GZ until 10pm. Oh yes, let me forget to describe the flight-- oh yes the flight. Let me paint a picture of a 14 month old being forced to sit in an airport for 5 hours and then on a plane for another 2 hours where she has lived her whole life at elevation 6600 and now she is overtired and flying down to sea level. It was not a pretty picture. I would have to say, she screamed about 80% of the flight. It was a lot of overtired and fighting sleep and a lot of ears hurting and also I think we are starting to see a pretty strong personality who is very strong willed and likes to get what she wants. She did not like being forced to stay in her seat and she did not like being told no. This girl is a strong personality and we have been seeing it creep in over the last week but the plane really brought it out.

So we landed in Guangzhou after a horrible day of travel-- to fly only 2 hours- and we were now in GZ. The only bright light at that point was Judy Wu was at the airport waiting for us which we love and adore Judy. She is wonderful and I had the privilege of taking Judy and her son to Disneyland several years ago and we are hosting Judy's son and niece for a week in July while they come to the US for vacation. We love Judy and seeing her was the bright point in an otherwise bumpy day. But, don't think the bumps were over at that point-- oh no, they were just getting going.

Most of the families we know from being online are staying at the Garden hotel in GZ. It is super nice and we thought about staying there but we wanted to be closer to Shamian Island-- where we stayed for the Mia and Fin's adoptions- and the HI Shifu was closer so we decided to stay there. Judy took us to the hotel and attempted checking us in and after about 30 min (it is now 11:00pm) we realized we somehow had a duplicate booking-- somehow 2 different bookings under our name was made. Because of the hotels "rules" we were unable to cancel one of the reservations and just keep one. Instead, we would have to pay for both hotel rooms-- no matter what. We had no choice. If we were to stay at the holiday Inn Shifu, we had to pay for both rooms even though it was a mistake made by someone else. So Judy asked if we minded changing to the Garden where all the other families were and we said ok and we left. The hotel rather 2 rooms go empty than cancel one room. It was ridiculous!! Poor Emery was exhausted but still fighting sleep and tying to play and run around. So at 11:15pm, we headed to the Garden. We got to the Garden and they were awesome and they got us to our room right away. Unfortunately they only had 2 twins available for the night but moved us to a different room the next morning. We finally got Emery to bed at midnight and I was finally able to shower and take a deep breath. Emery slept well but has been kind of fussy today because she did not get enough sleep. While typing this she has been screaming trying to fight off the afternoon nap and almost managed to do it since she has only been asleep for 15 min and I have to wake her in about 15 min. She fights sleep hard-- uggg!!! So that was the end to our miserable day of travel.

We were not alone as almost everyone doing adoption traveled on Friday to get to GZ and everyone was delayed by several hours. This morning at breakfast we got to meet so many of my great online friends. Jamie and Joanne and Annette and Shandra and Janiene and so many more. We again got to see each other at the medical appointments today. So many families and so many kids going home to their forever families. It was so awesome to see-- loved every second of it!!!

Speaking of the medical exam. First off, as many of you know, it is the most pitiful exam ever. BUT, they do care what the special need is and want to confirm the need. With Finley it was easy because she was spina bifida and has a big scar and a lipoma so they didn't question us much. With Emery it was not as easy. Emery has a minor VSD, a small heart murmur. That is it. Nothing more. We have been told her murmur might have been closed by a year if not 18 months so we were not sure what they would find when they listened to her heart. Well, they didn't find anything. Now I am not sure how closely they listened but the Dr. kept asking us over and over-- what is her special need and we kept saying VSD but she said it is not there. We started getting nervous because we have known people who have had referrals pulled when they could not duplicate the special need again. So we just stayed quiet and finally Judy spoke with her and she allowed us to move on-- but she kept saying her murmur was not there. We will see when we get home but praise God if that is true!!!!!

Anyway, we are heading downstairs to the lobby in about 10 min to meet a bunch of families to go to dinner together. Looking forward to it. Enjoy the pics and I will post again soon!!!

Look Finley-- they have your China crackers!!!!

Packing up to leave Kunming!
During our issues with them not letting Emery go with us-- so lame!
Waiting for sooooooo long!

Waiting longer-- luckily they gave us food and Emery was happy

At the medical today

More medical-- this was the lady who said her murmur was not there

In front of our hotel-- The Garden

Our room is awesome!!! 2 rooms and super nice!!!!



  1. So glad you made it through the medical exam w/o
    any problems. That would be great it Emery's
    VSD has healed!! She is so cute. She definitely wanted her moma back when she was getting weighed at the exam. So how much did Emery weigh, she looks slender.

  2. I'm sure the Chinese people at the airport probably thought "typical American" too. ;)

    BTW, Kunming CWI is well-known for fabricating minor heart needs as you likely know from the Yunnan board. This is no surprise at all. Many NSN baby girls are adopted from KCWI with "minor" heart defects.

  3. what a nightmare getting there!!! But what a blessing that her VSD maybe already resolved!! that's a big WOOOHOO!! I can't wait to hear what you think of staying off island...very different for 'old tymers' like us...try to get to the 'Green Door' restaurant and have some citrus honey tea for me ;)

  4. hi c- just now catching up with you all (we have been busy traveling ourselves to get the kids situated with their grandparents... we leave this thursday). i am so very happy for you and your little emery is just darling! sorry to hear about your bumps along the way, but it looks like you're one lucky momma right now :). glad to know that sabrina is still able to help out. we were very sad to learn her news last week, one week before our big trip :(
    best to you in the coming days- p