Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Honey!!!!

Easter was a lot of fun. Besides being Easter, it is Kevin's birthday!!! Cool day!! Anyway, we started our Easter traditions last night with our nice time at home alone reflecting on the reason we celebrate and the sacrifice Jesus made for us. We decided that this was the year we would show the boys THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST which is a very hard movie to watch for an adult let alone a tween. We decided they were ready and both have grown so much spiritually this year that we wanted them to see in a very visual way the sacrifice Jesus made for us. It was a powerful movie and both boys were very moved but I am thrilled we showed it to them. It brought Easter to a new level for them and I am thankful they have those images to pull from.

Mia at hockey game before our movie night.

The kids woke up to their Easter baskets. We don't really do the Easter bunny and Mia doesn't really know about it, but we do Easter baskets but rather focus on Jesus rather than Bunnies.

Awwwww Legos!!!

After church we had an Easter Hunt for the kids

We did it up really well with high quality Easter baskets-- Grocery Store Plastic Bags-- oh ya!!!

Mia had removed some of Owens eggs and Owen was less than happy about it--

Mia was thrilled

The adults having our cheese platter. My cousin Sara lives in Switzerland with her husband Andy. Remember Sara is the World champ in Woman's Track Cycling. She just won Worlds again and is on top of the game again. She flew home and surprised her parents for Easter. She will be here for a week so we are planning on getting together this week for lunch. YA!!!!

Sara with her parents and my 95 year old grandma in the background.

It was also Kevin's birthday today so we celebrated his special day as well. Happy birthday my dear!!!!!