Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ethan's First Dance

Ethan had his first Junior High Dance last week and it was a new and great experience. He had a blast with a bunch of his boy pals and he looked handsome as can be in his cool dress up outfit. We met 3 of his great pals at one of their houses and took pictures then the limo took them to the dance. This dance was totally a big deal at their school!!! We love their school for all these cool things and extracurricular things they get to do. Not only does Owen get to take a field trip every month but the Junior Highers get to learn Swing Dancing in PE and practice it at the dance. We love UCA!!!!

Our handsome boys-- Ethan, Jared, Sammy and Zach

They thought they were soooooo cooooool!!!!

Out by the pool showing their amazing strength--haha!!

So cute!

Of course I made him do the mommy and me picture!!

Another one!!

Dad, Ethan and Mom

Two of my three handsome men!

Looking cool by the limo

Awwwww!!! The light was off so I turned it sepia

Such good friends

Ethan and Sammy inside the limo

Jared and Zach inside the limo

The boys posing with the kids at their table. We were able to walk the kids in and take pictures but then we had to leave. We were not allowed to stay at all-- parents not allowed. The kids loved that part.

Sammy is in 7th grade so he had to sit with the 7th graders but here are out pals from 6th grade that Ethan sat with-- Matthew, Jared and Zach

The boys had a blast. What a fun dance!!!


  1. Great photos and looks like great fun..
    you look AMAZING girly..
    Have a great week.

  2. Visiting from 3peanuts and had to leave a comment! The guys look so handsome in their dress clothes, I so remember these days w/my sons now aged 25/23! I had to laugh when I saw the pics of the "I'm so cool". I have a photo of my boys w/that same pose w/friends!!! It is always bittersweet to look back at photos of these days! Thanks for sharing!

  3. How fun! The boys look great and SO grown up!! Looks like that had a blast!

  4. So cute! What an adorable group of kids! You and your hub look great too! Have a good week!


  5. How fun! Looks like they had a blast! : )

  6. adorable pictures!!!! lily is sooo happy with her new outfits for this summer & fall. thank you sooooo much!!