Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amy's Farm

We have our wonderful Lucky Mommas group and we had planned a date at my brother and sister in laws farm. They live on the farm but it is a working calf ranch and they do field trips. They are also heavily involved in the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Check out the farm at Sadly, at the last minute a few of our moms had to cancel but Georgie, Gracie and mommies all were able to come.

Mia checking out the cows

Georgie and Mia


Part of the tour the kids are able to go through their CSA garden and pick some of the edible veggies and eat them. They also get to pick some veggies to give to the animals.

Not sure the plant-- but standing next to some edible something

If anyone knows farms, they know there are little animals everywhere and cats make up many of the friendly little ones. Mia ran after every kitten she saw and at the end, we saw that another cat gave birth to 4 new kittens just a couple days before. Kitty Cats everywhere!!!

Gracie and Mia checking out the kitten

Lots of goats-- the girls loved them

These goats were really friendly and nice to the kids

Georgie loved the goats

Feeding Wilbur lettuce we picked from the garden

Feeding Tina the Cow a carrot

More Kittens

This is a mini horse and she is blind so she likes her hair brushed by the tour kids

We even got to milk a cow and drink the milk

The girls at the end of their fun farm tour!!!!


  1. looks like the girls had a lot of fun..
    love it..
    Have a great week..
    Love you and miss you...

  2. What fun!! I'm gonna have to remember Amys when I'm down in July, it looks like a ton of fun.

  3. Ahh, so cute! Wish we could have made it.

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