Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cute Little Thing

Today was kind of cold here in Southern CA, but we have been having amazing weather- in the 70's and 80's for weeks. These pictures of Mia were taken in my parents front yard a week or so ago after church.

Scruffy, one of my parents dogs in the background.

Balancing on rocks

My cute little girl!!!

We have great friends who have a box at the Ducks arena for hockey. They were nice enough to give us the box for one full night (they were unable to use the box that night) to invite whoever we wanted. So, we decided to make it a boys and kids night. We invited the boys good pals and my brother and sister and all the nieces and nephews. It was a great time!!!

Sammy watching the game on the TV in the box

My brother and Kevin watching the game

Boys having fun as always- Owen, Jake, Carson, Ethan and Christian

The girls were not as into the game as the boys and spent much of their time running around the suite and playing tag.

Mia and Haileyanna - Cousins-- too cute!!!

Judah, Nathan, Christian, Ethan, Carson-- and the girls running around too

The players on the Ducks were in the Olympics and on many different county teams. Here are the jerseys of the players that were on the top 3 teams. Very cool display!!!


  1. Oh that sweet Mia... she is just TOO CUTE for words! :) Her little hairstyle is SO cute on frames her pretty face just perfectly!

    Fun photos...thanks for sharing!

    Have a blessed Easter! <><
    ~ Tanya

  2. Mia is just a living doll!

    So cool that you could share your box with your family! Looks like everyone had a great time!!! : )

  3. She is just PRECIOUS!!

    I love her haircut, too! I've been trying to get Sadie's to go under like that with a round brush, but her hair has ideas of its own! ;)

  4. Mia is just adorable! I especially love her hair right now! It's soooo cute!

    Hope you have a Happy Easter!

  5. Adorable pictures of Mia!!! As for your hockey night....FUN!!!! What a great opportunity for all of you!

  6. Mia is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL... love the photos..
    looks like you all had a great time..
    have a great weekend..