Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Easter

More Easter for your viewing pleasure!!! My brother and sister in law have a farm that they do farm tours for schools and they also have a CSA farming program where the community helps with the farming and they get fresh produce-- awesome place-- check it out at Anyway, they do a big egg hunt every year and these first pictures are from the hunt.

Mia getting ready for the big hunt

Savannah and Mia cleaning up

Mia and Savannah (my brothers youngest child) are 7 months apart and great pals. They are so cute together!

Mia checking out the cows

Mia checking out the horse who was pregnant and by the way, my boys spent the night this week at the farm with his cousins (spring break) and they got to see this horse give birth-- literally the whole thing of the baby coming out and everything. They were sooooo tripped out but thought it was totally cool. The baby colt is adorable!!

Our Lucky Mommies group had an Easter party at Gracie's house this year. It was a great time full of playing, a hunt and food!! It was a blast and we so appreciated Tanya for throwing a great party!

Mia playing on the play set


Having tons of fun!!

Loving the slide

Eating lunch with all the kids-- they have so much fun together!

The hunt!!

Georgie in her adorable Easter outfit hunting for eggs

Becky and Gracie checking out their loot

The group posing for the pictures. From left to right- Ryan, Gracie, Becky, Katie, Megan, Kaylee and Mia. Georgie was not quite into the pics but she was there too.

Becky, Katie and Megan

Beautiful Georgie

Beautiful Gracie

Gracie and Becky checking sharing their stuff

Mia and Georgie hanging out laughing. Really they were. They were whispering in each others ears and laughing. It was so cute. We live a couple mile from Georgie and they both go to the same preschool/ day care so they are great pals.

Lots more pictures to post over the next few days. We have Ethan's first school dance and Disneyland yesterday. We are also heading to Arrowhead today and were going to snowboard tomorrow so I should have some good pictures from that too.
Have a great weekend.


  1. OH MY!! I could hardly stand all the cuteness! ((love the title TWERP under sweet Mia's face)) Only a Momma could say that about her baby :) I can't believe all the cute Easter outfits!

    Where did Georgie's Mommy get that knot top and pants?!?! HAVE to know! Need something cute like that for next year :) Here in Iowa we can't wear dresses! I'd have to slap a long sleeve shirt on under that knot top!

  2. LOVE IT..
    Mia is soooo BEAUTIFUL..
    Love the photos..
    Can't wait to see more..

  3. GOODNESS ME... this should've come with a 'CUTENESS OVERLOAD' warning!! ;o) SOOOOO many beautiful little "fashionistas" there! Looks like a fun time was had by all!

    And that little Easter knot dress and bunny ruffles that Gracie is wearing.... DO find out where it came from! It's ADORABLE!

    LOVE the yellow ruffley skirt and top that Mia is wearing, too... she's so pretty in the soft buttercup color!


  4. Looks like a fun day the farm. Mia looks adorable:)

  5. Mia is soooo beautiful! What fun to have the group of girls together!
    Wonderful Easter celebration!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for 18 Months

  6. Looks like wonderful time for everyone. What beautiful little girls!