Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Disney on Spring Break

Our spring break was a couple weeks after our neighborhood schools break therefore there was not a lot of activity around so we had to head out to make our own. Of course, one of the many activities we did was a wonderful trip to Disneyland with our good pals who also attend the same school.

Mia and I hung out while Lia took the older kids on a few big kids rides

My pretty girl

Ethan, Owen, Judah and Sammy

Best buds! It is so great that the two of these boys are such good pals. Owen has never really had a best friend and we are so happy Judah and him have formed that friendship.

Getting on the Screamer

Ethan and Sammy getting ready

Mia on Toy Story Ride

Maddie and Mia chilling

It was a great day!!


  1. How fun!! Toy Story Mania is one of our absolute faves!!!

    Mia is so precious! I just love her haircut!!

  2. Great photos..
    looks like the kids had loads of fun..
    Mia is tooo cute..
    Have a great evening..
    love ya..

  3. Hi Christy...I check in all the time, but dont always take the time to comment...Mia is gorgeous...and getting sooo big! I still think about that little 5 month old on referral day. AND your boys are growing up...and sooo handsome!!

  4. It looks like you had a fun spring break! Every time I see Mia's adorable hair, I want to chop off Kamree's hair and she won't let me! Her exact words are "don't cut my curls off!"

  5. Fun times!! I love that picture of Mia in black and white! Stunning!!