Monday, April 19, 2010

Division CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

I'm so proud of my boys. They are such amazing hockey players and their team was the underdogs in the final playoffs and tonight they took the playoffs!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! I am just so proud of them and how hard they fought. It was an amazing game- like really amazing and I have never seen such a hard fight. They fought to the end and in the end they were VICTORIOUS!!!!

This was the number one B division team!!!! Good job kids-- you guys ROCK!!!!

Getting their individual first place metals

The team with the coaches. On the far right is Coach Bob who has been the boys coach for a while and he is an amazing coach. Next to him are the assistant coaches which obviously Kevin was one of them. Great season!!!! We now have 2 weeks off and then the next season begins!!!
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