Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sorry to be so behind on posting but I have been far too busy. Ive had so much going on with regular work and then all my other "side" stuff seemed this week to rev into high gear which is great but I'm just crazy busy!! Anyway, got tons of cute pics to post but I need a few more days to get this done. Stay tuned-- they are coming- Thanks for your patience.
By the way, I saw that Kim over at 3 Peanuts had posted about making your marriage a priority and I have to say this has been on my heart over the last number of months. Kev and I have what I would consider a good marriage. We rarely fight- get along well - enjoy each others company- agree on most family decisions but we go through our "ships passing in the night" type times here and there. Kev started on graveyards a month or so again and it is sooooo hard staying connected when literally he goes to work when I get home and when he gets home I go to work and he is off to bed. It is crazy!! Then, because Kevin is away so much during the week, I feel guilty taking him away from the kids one night during the weekend to be alone. So, we are in a disconnect phase that I sooooooo badly want to get reconnected. I think with 3 kids, and way too many jobs that we can become complacent with the "ships passing" scenario, but I'm done with it. I need to reconnect with my hubby and very soon. I miss our snuggle times before we fall asleep. I miss sleeping next to him every night. I miss him making us those AWESOME dinners. But what I mostly miss is just hanging with my amazing husband. Soon-- I tell you-- SOON we will reconnect!! I will make it happen-- before everything else!!! Thanks Kim for making me think about this.

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  1. Love it..
    You do need to reconnect.. don't let anything get inbetween.. I have lost but will get over it.. and hopefully one day get the pleasure of finding true love..