Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random Quick Pics

I played with my new cool little mini computer this morning and tried to figure out how to load pics onto this computer without taking up space because these mini computers do not have a ton of storage. I think I figured it out by doing ever thing through my external hard drive- I think. Anyway, I loaded my one SD chip and got all my Disney pics from yesterday but there were a few others I thought I could post quickly (will post Disney when I have more time).

Mia enjoying her chips on her little blow up table.


I just love her little smile

A little after these pictures were taken we got a knock at the door and some cute little Morgan and Milo Shoes I had ordered had arrived.

These are the cutest little Morgan and Milo Sparkle Mary Janes. I Love these shoes sooooo much. She has worn them a couple times now and every time she wears them she gets comments on how cute they are!

i I got the same shoe in what they call a sparkle bronze and it is kind of a sparkle brown that goes with everything. They too are adorable and she has worn them a couple times and I get the same cute comments from people.

You can see in this picture the boots in the back and they are also Morgan and Milo and they are brown leather boots with a patten leather trim. They too are sooo cute. She has not worn them yet because our weather has been so warm but I'm sure she will soon - they are very cute!
I got all the shoes here and they are all on sale right now so check them out!


  1. Those shoes are SO CUTE....I love them. I am heading over to check out that website right now!!

    Have a great weekend:)


  2. OMW...
    First of all I can never get enough of the cuteness of Mia...
    She is sooooooo ADORABLE..
    And as for the shoes...
    The little boots are tooo cute..
    It is warm here also..
    We left our doors and windows open ALL night..
    That is crazy..

  3. LOVE the shoes...they are SOOOOOO cute!!! I'm gonna go check the site out now!! Have a great week!

  4. The shoes are adorable. Like everyone else, I'm going to check them out now!

  5. Ohhh, those are very cute shoes! I especially love the bronze ones, definitely would go with everything!


  6. Could you send some of that warm weather to the Midwest please?

    Cute shoes...thanks for the tip on the site. LOVE it.

  7. Love, love, love the brown ones. Did I say love!! :) See, this is why I gotta get a job. Seriously Christy, how many shoes does Mia own now? :)


  8. Tanya,

    Far too many- far too many... sigh...


  9. Cute shoes! I love the entire outfit actually. I'm a sucker for stripped leggings!

  10. The shoes are so cute!!! I'm definitely bookmarking that page so that I can order once our daughter is home! Come to think of it - I have 2 nieces who would look adorable in them right now!!! I'm heading over to order! Thanks! :-)

  11. we love morgan and milo shoes too! those are just adorable! :)