Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kailee's Birthday Party

Kailee is our good friend who was adopted from China. Her mom Karen and I have been friends since we both started the paper chasing part of the adoption and our log in dates were just a few weeks apart. Kailee and Karen are part of the group we go to Disneyland with and we love having them be a part of our lives. Kailee turned 3 yesterday and her party was on Sunday at My Gym. It was a ton of fun and the kids had such a good time. I feel horrible that I did not take more pictures of other kids but I guess Mia pictures were on my mind because that is all I pretty much took--sorry.

It surprised me but Mia was kind of shy at first. She constantly had her tongue out - I think it was a nervous thing- but as she got more comfy, her tongue went back in. Here you see Tanya and Gracie-- more of our Disney pals!

So much fun!! The kids just had a blast!!

Obviously Mia enjoyed herself. By the time I took this picture she was much more comfy and was playing with other kids. Her initial shyness surprised me. She is normally really outgoing. Maybe it was the new environment-- who knows??

I love this picture-- not sure why but she looks so cute!! This is when they were eating their chicken nuggets and french fries and eating their cake.

Mia loved the ball pit!!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Kailee!!!


  1. Kailee sure is beautiful!! Looks like she had a fun party. We've been to a few at My Gym and they are always so much fun. I love Mia's penafore! She is so dang cute! : )

  2. Kailee is SO beautiful!! What a great party too. It's so good to get together with other little ones. I need to do it more. One of my new years "resolutions" is to make sure and not miss our FCC (fellowship of chinese children) monthly events. I missed SO many of them last year. I need to get better at it. I just love all the cute pix of Mia!!! She is truly adorable!! Have a great week back at work!

  3. Thanks for the compliments on Kailee :-) She sure is growing up quick! Christy, thanks again for coming to the party. We enjoyed seeing you and Mia there and at Disneyland yesterday!

  4. what a fun time, and yes Kailee is beautiful!!!!!!!!

  5. Mia is adorable as always. I just love her in the pinafores!! :) Have a great week. I've missed hearing from you.


  6. Adorable pictures!! I love the pinafore she has on - too cute. Looks like she ended up having a great time!

  7. Happy Bithday! She is gorgeous!

    All the Mia pictures were so cute!

  8. Kailee is a precious little girl and what a fun party!! I, too, love that picture of Mia!!!

  9. Great pics!!! Mia's friend is just
    adorable like Mia!!! Allie's 2nd
    birthday party was a gym like that
    it was such a huge hit!!! Hope you
    all are well!



  10. My Gym parties are so much fun aren't they!! The birthday girl is beautiful...just like her pal Mia!! Love that pinafore....she is always sportin the cutest clothes!!


  11. Love the pictures..
    Looks like the kids had soooo much fun...
    Have a Great Week..
    Tomorrow I am hosting a bow swap...
    Come over..
    Love ya girly..

  12. looks like a ton of fun. Great pictures. Mia is adorable!

  13. Awww that looks like fun. Mia looks too cute!!

  14. what a fun party! cute pics too. G makes a fish face when she is stressed.

  15. What a great party -- looks like it was so much fun!! Mia looks so sweet in her pinafore! The birthday girl is very pretty -- how nice that you are able to get together!


  16. I love Kailee. She is such a sweetie! Her mom is pretty nice too :) I would love to meet up with you guys at D-land one day. Either on the weekends, or I am off on Wednesdays.

    I'm off to wish Miss Kailee a happy birthday. I have been out of town and somehow missed the occasion!