Monday, January 12, 2009


I found more pictures on my little camera that I had forgot about. I have a group of girlfriends that I have had since Elementary school. We try to get together every month or so and really enjoy our time together. The last few times we have been together we have gone up to my parents cabin for an overnight stay. We all have kids (except Jenn and Cass) so it is nice to get away.

This picture is of all of us at my parents cabin wearing the scarves and hats that Jennifer made. From right front-- Kim, Jennifer, Cass-- back-- Heather and me (no makeup by the way).

This is how Kevin and I chose to spend our Saturday night -- at a movie and dinner with 6 kids and us-- crazy I know!!

So here are all the kids coming out of the movie- we saw Bedtime Stories-- cute!

Mia loves her cousins Kylee and Kaitlyn so much.

Mia made her own chopsticks with a straw and was actually eating with them-- really well. Her fine motor is a complete joke! I have never seen a 2 year old with the fine motor control she has-- it is really amazing!!

Shoving carrots in the straw chopsticks is cool! Mia loves rice with egg flower soup and vegys mixed in. Our favorite Chinese restaurant knows what Mia likes and brings it for her without us even having to ask-- totally cool!!



  1. She is just absolutely darling! I want to get out and see Bedtime Stories looks like a great movie. Love the hats!

  2. Mia is the cutest...Looks like you had a wonderful time with your friends..
    You know I went over and bought some clippies...
    She is also making me some to match a couple outfits..
    Hugs girly..
    Have a great Week..

  3. We want to see that movie too!!! Funny about Mia making her own chopsticks! We went to the Italian restaurant in Guangzhou and they had those long thin bread sticks in a basket on the table; oh yeah, Mya tried to use them as chopsticks!! She was peeved off when they broke!

  4. Love the creative chopsticks!!! OH...and love your hats and scarves...too cute!!! We went to see Bedtime Stories and just loved it!!! It was very clean and adventurous. GREAT for the kids!!! I was pretty proud of Adam Sandler for doing a family film!!! Have a great day!

  5. Looks like a fun time with your girlfriends and at the movies! Mia is so cute with her little straw chopsticks! What a smart girlie!!

    Have a great week!

  6. How creative of Mia to create her own chopsticks!!!! And how impressive that she can eat with them so well. She's a smart girl - and cute!! :-)

    Love the hats and scarves - so stylish!

  7. I'm very impressed that you took 6 kids to the movies and managed to stay sane!! Love Mia's outfit, too cute.


  8. She is so cute with her straw chopsticks....very impressive I might say!!

    Your girls weekend at the cabin sounds like fun...we all need some girl time now and then.

    6 kids at the hat is off to you!!

    Hope you have a great week!


  9. She is just precious. It is so much fun to look back. I do the same thing with mine and Blake's wedding pictures. Every pic evokes a vivid memory that I love! :)