Thursday, January 15, 2009

Please Pray!!

I need to post this as I just saw it on another blog. A dear family who has adopted many children and just recently returned from Uganda adopting 2 children (they currently have 9 children) had a house fire yesterday and they pretty much lost everything. This is a wonderfully dear family that needs our prayer right now. You can read about the fire and a call to pray at the families blog A Place Called Simplicity. I just read Linn's (the mom) post reflecting on the fire and detaining the events and God's clear warning signs and it was phenomenally moving. Please read her post and comment to let her know you are praying for them.


  1. I visited them last night to leave what i hope was an encourging commetn! You are so sweet to round up the prayers!!

    Below, we used to live in Socal and i remermber, next comes a fire! So sorry!! But its better than those 40 belowers!
    Lovely blog!!

  2. I'll check on them now. Thanks for the heads up!