Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ice Skating

Update- I went to the DR this morning and nothing really stood out with regards to the headaches. It seems to be tention type since there is so much tightness in the neck and shoulders. He said I look pretty normal other than that so he decided to do a bunch of lab work and to order an MRI. I was really happy he wanted an MRI just so that we can rule out all the crazy things going through my mind. So, we should have approval on the MRI tomorrow and my goal is to get the MRI by the end of the week. I should know my labs tomorrow and I think most of that was to rule out infection or inflammation and stuff like that. Since my mom is our Dr's nurse she drew my blood right there and the Dr. asked if I wanted my cholesterol tested so of course I was interested to see how that would turn out so I will let you know tomorrow. Thanks again for all of your support with regards to the headaches. All of your comments and emails have just meant the world to me. Thanks for everything and I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.
First off, I want to thank so many of you for your thought about my headaches. I see the doctor tomorrow morning so I will let you know what I find out but I really appreciate your thoughts and support-- more than you know.

Last night after my headache eased a bit, we decided to go to open skate time at a local ice rink in our area. A bunch of our friends were heading there so we thought we would join them.

I thought we would try Mia on the ice to see if she enjoyed it. Daddy putting her tiny little skates on. I could not believe they actually had small enough skates to fit her-- but they did.

Here she goes!! She was really wobbly but did great and seemed to love it!

Heather and mommy helping Mia.

Posing for a shot!

Ethan is really good on hockey skates. He so badly wants to play ice hockey but we are holding off for now-- to many activities right now.

Owen did great as well. We will probably put the boys in hockey over the summer. The league goes year round at the rink by our house (not real close- about 20 min away) so when they have very few activities and we have the time to drive them all the way to the rink, we will put them in.

Brandon (Heather and Brian's youngest) loves to skate as well.

The tiny little skate-- so cute!!

Mia was very possessive of her little skates and wanted no part of giving them back to the man behind the counter. She finally gave in.

Mommy and Heather had fun as well!!

Today we had church and then went to a nice lunch at a really good Chinese restaurant in honor of Chinese New Year. Mia dressed in her Chinese dress for Church and then to lunch after. She looked really cute-- I will have pictures tomorrow. Tonight we went to an Ontario Reign game (hockey-- farm team for the LA Kings) with some friends from church and we had a blast. They kids just love hockey so much and always have fun at the games- us adults do too. I also have pics and will post them soon.

Have a great week and I will let you know how my doctor appointment goes.


  1. It sure looks like you all had fun and I LOVE Mia's little skates...too cute. Hope your headache is gone and that you find out what the cause of them are tomorrow at your Dr. apt. Good luck! Happy Chinese New Year to your family from ours:)


  2. Ice skating looks like fun! I never even thought to try to bring Lily, but I might have to.

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  3. How cute! I have always wanted to try ice skating but have horrible balance!

    I hope you get some good news at the doctor regarding your headaches

  4. HOW FUN..
    I always wanted my boys to play hockey.. but nope.. football and wrestling.
    Mia is tooo cute in those tiny little skates..
    Can't wait to see her in her CNY dress...
    Happy CNY..
    I sooo hope we can figure it out to meet..
    Let me know how the Dr.'s visit goes..

  5. How fun! My kiddo's love to ice skate too. It looks like you guys had a great time.

  6. Oh how cool is that - we were watching some ice skating yesterday and I thought it might be fun to try it with Olivia! So glad it went well.

    Just saw the headache post - I will email.

  7. I'm playing catch up on my blogs too. The ice skating looks super fun. I love the pics. I personally, don't suffer with headaches like this (However I did develop daily miagraines when my Dr. put me on a new med, it was one of the side affects, but since he switched me to a different medicine I have been fine), but Blake does. I am glad you have decided to go to the Dr. It looks like you had a ball at Disney again and Ava's birthday looked like so much fun. You sure do lead a FULL and active life. Have a great week honey, can't wait to hear what the Dr says. :)

    Hugs, LA

  8. Skating looked like so much fun....and Miss Mia in those teeny tiny CUTE!!

    Good luck with all of you tests...please keep us updated!!


  9. Thanks for the update...
    Maybe you should go have a massage also.. to get the tension out of your neck and shoulders...
    Have a great evening..

  10. Gracie loves her lessons, you should look into it through your local city rec. guide for Mia. Love the last picture of you and your friend!


  11. Oh those skates are the cutest thngs ever!!! Mia looks so darling skating...maybe a future figure skater????

    Happy CNY to your sorry about the headaches. I hope all your test results come back fine and this will be an easy fix...saying a prayer for you sweetie!


  12. Hi!
    So glad to hear your first appt. went well, and that you will have your looming questions answered after the MRI! I love the skating pics! You know I grew up in those, so it is so fun to see Mia with her first pair! I have yet to get Ruby some. I know she will love it!


  13. Uggh. What is worse than unexplained headaches; I really hope you get some answers!

    Ino ther news, you are adorable on ice skates. And so is MIA :) LOL!!

  14. Glad you went to the doctor & are getting the MRI. Now, I'm no doctor, but I think if it's tension related, a series of weekly - nay daily - massages might be in order!

  15. The ice skating photos are great -- looks like so much fun!

    So sorry to hear about your headaches! I am headache prone and get migraines, not as many as I used to, but still get some whopper headaches and they are hard to deal with at times. Hope your doc is able to help you! Take care.

  16. SOOO cute - she is adorable! I can't wait to take our daughter Kaelynn to Mammoth for her to see real
    snow !!!

    I saw your post on Lara's website (redirected from Cafe Mom International Adoption) - and noticed you are in Southern California - we just moved to Orange Couny (Irvine) from San Francisco this week!

    Our daughter was adopted from Korea and has been home just over a year. I'd LOVE to meet you sometime - we go to Disneyland ALL the time - we will soon have premium annual passes again!

    Email anytime!!!

    It's nice to "meet" you!

    Mommy to Kaelynn
    Keep up with our adoption process at:

    Visit Kaelynn's Website at:

  17. Is that the new rink that opened recently?? Mike and I saw that when we were last down...pretty cool! The only place we have like that is the shark tank!

    Love those little skates, sooooo stinking cute!

  18. Oh my goodness those are the teeniest little ice skates I've ever seen. And Mia looks so cute trying to skate. She's pretty much game for anything isn't she?

    Gin =)