Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Ava!!!

Mia's BFF Ava had her third birthday party on Friday night after we were done at Disneyland with our adoption friends. Laila put on a great party full of Little Mermaid, A massive jumper, a totally cool pink hummer and lots more.

Ava took Mia on a spin in her new Escalade.

The cake was totally yummy and Mia loved her piece.

Aren't they cute together

Happy Birthday Sweet Ava!!!!
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  1. Happy Birthday Ava!!

    Love the picture of them cruisin in the pink Escalade....they are so cute together!

    Oh that last picture is cracking me up right now.....if you get a minute, go over to my recent post and look at the very last picture...Sarah has the exact same expression on her face as she is looking at Nick's bday cake!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ava!!

    I am so amazed at her resemblance to her mommy and aunt!

  3. Oh how cute! Boy Mia had one busy day, Disney and then a birthday party! They really are cute together! How fun!!

  4. What a sweet B'day party!!! The girls are too cute!!!

  5. Wow, that is some Escalade, I want one!!! Very cute pictures of the girls together.


  6. Christy,

    I recognized your name from my OCT DTC group, though I am visiting you from Buffi's! Mia and Ava are adorable. I popped over here and thought, "Wait, I know who this is, I think :)!"

  7. What a fancy ride!! Happy birthday Ava!