Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pismo Beach

**I just saw on Kim's blog that she tagged me to make a list six unspectacular quirks about myself. I will attempt to create my list tomorrow-- thanks Kim for the tag!!

** On another note, I forgot to mention of Friday that one year ago this past Friday Kevin and I boarded a plane to head to China to pick up our baby girl!! I cant believe it has been a year. Tomorrow (which will be when most of you are reading this) will be May 19-- two days before Mia was placed in our arms. I hope tomorrow to post a "remembering" post and hopefully every day after that I will chronicle our journey from one year prior and include pictures and video from each day (along with the normal pics.)

I forgot to mention that we were leaving Thursday night to go to Pismo Beach for the weekend. The weather on our last few camping trips has been windy and it really is not fun sitting in the sand in the wind. We checked the weather before we left and it was forecasted to be beautiful so we were hoping for the best. Sure enough, the weather was WONDERFUL!!!! It was warm and sunny and no wind at all. It was just amazing weather and just a nice relaxing time together with friends.

Mia loved playing in the sand. She had a blast!! She did not like the water as it was a bit cold but other than the cold water, she was just in heaven!!

Mia and the boys (and other kids) built little towns in the sand with moats and everything. As the morning tide rose, the moats filled up and the town that lasted longer won the competition.

The boys hunted for sand crabs and found quite a few. They named each one of the crabs and lovingly released them back to the sea once they were done with the hunt.

Mia loves her sand toys!! We leave a bunch of toys in our RV so that we have them on each trip. Every time we pull them out it is like Christmas. She squeals and starts jumping around and immediately climbs in the waggon and starts playing. It is very cute!!!

More fun wagon time!!

Throughout the trip we take many rides down the beach and into the dunes. Pismo is the only beach in California that you can drive on the beach so it quite novel to drive (or ride) up and down the beach. This ride Mia and I rode with Brian and Heather in their Rhino while the boys and Kevin (and a most of the other kids) rode their quads and buggies. Mia had do much fun leaning over the back of the Rhino and yelling at daddy and the boys. She just thought that was so much fun!!

The next day we played some beach volleyball. The kids had such a blast and the dads had a lot of fun too. In the final pictures of the above collage Mia and I decide to relax and watch a movie. Quickly after this picture Mia went down for a nap but she was having such a good time putting her feet on the steering wheel-- she thought that was so cool!!!

OK, so you know in the movie Top Gun where all the naval pilots (Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer etc)are playing beach volleyball? Well, us wives thought our men needed to hear us sing the song "Playing With the Boys" the whole time they were playing. It was so funny and they were playing the parts very well!! The final pictures are of Mia sitting on the dash board of our RV. This was the view we looked at the whole trip- AMAZING!!!

This final collage is of Kevin airing up the tires before we left to go home. We stopped on the drive home for lunch and Mia immediately got her purse, put two little people in it and was ready to go like it was no big deal. It was so darn cute I had to take a picture.

The following are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

Just so darn pretty!!

Playing with fun effects!

Digging for sand crabs

Mia loves her wagon!!

Mia loves her brother because he makes her laugh!!

My big boy!!


  1. Yes you did forget to tell me you were leaving...LOL..
    LOVE the pictures of Mia in her swimsuit... and how FUN!!!!!
    Looks like you had ALL kinds of fun...
    Love her little fish in her hair...
    Mia pulling the wagon is cracking me up... she is sooo tiny and that thing looks sooo big..
    Have a Great Evening..
    You are going to have to teach me how to do the collage..
    HUGS girly.

  2. Okay.. I just got my bloglines that you posted.. and you added more then when I was on there before..
    I can not believe the clothes on Mia... you find all of the cutest clothes...Love that little outfit when Mia is caring her purse...I don't think she has wore the same outfit more then once...LOL.
    LOVE ALL the pictures..
    HOW FUN!!!!!
    Have a Great Week....

  3. Hi Christy,

    Been waiting for an update!!!
    I loved ALL THE PICS!!! Looks
    like the weekend was a blast!!
    Well I finally got my blog
    made over and it really captures
    my personality, tell me what
    you think!!!

    Take Care,


  4. Can't wait for the pictures of a year ago..
    I can't believe it has been a year..
    This is when I first started reading your blog.. you are such an amazing family..

  5. what a fun trip! It looks like it wasn't v ery crowded. I love all the pics. I keep my camera in my hand alot too.
    Happy anniversary of meeting your sweet girl! She has blossomed and bloomed into a sweet adorable flower this year.:)

  6. A year ago huh? Time sure flies. Mia is one busy girl!! The boys look like they are having fun too!!

  7. Wow! It looks like you had a fabulous vacation! Love all of the pictures!

  8. Wow, looks like you guys had a blast! I love all of the fun pictures. I'm so happy that the weather was so great. I'm not a big wind fan either.

    Congratulations on your anniversary of boarding the plane to get your precious baby girl. It is amazing how fast time flies by. She has just blossomed into such a sweet little girl!!!

  9. It looks like you guys had a great time!!! I always love beach pictures. They are so beautiful. It's neat to see how different California beaches are from our beaches here in Alabama. It looks very different. Both are very beautiful...they are just different...especially the sand...and I think the water color too. How cool!!! Looks like yall just had a GREAT time!!! Hope you have a good week to. This is Sophie last day of school today...we are looking forward to a fun summer!! Hope you guys are too!! Talk to you soon.

  10. I think that is the cutest bathing suit I have ever seen! Congrats on a year together with your baby girl. Your vacation looks like it was wonderful!

  11. I think that is the cutest bathing suit I have ever seen! Congrats on a year together with your baby girl. Your vacation looks like it was wonderful!