Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dogs, Piano & Cookies

Yesterday was a relaxing day around the house. We walked on the horse trail and played in the backyard, made cookies and just hung out. The dogs love to play and Mia is obsessed with the dogs therefore she is often very close to them playing/ wrestling. Max is the white lab and always has to have something in his mouth. He doesn't chew (well most of the time)but he, in true lab form, has to have something in his mouth. This day he decided Mia's Cabbage Patch doll would be the item. Mia followed the dogs in an attempt to get her doll back-- she was successful once her wonderful mom yelled "Max-- drooooooooop!!" Here are some pictures of the wonderful play experience.


Mia loves the piano and actually plays it sweetly. She does not bang on the keys, instead softly plays them and sings along. It is very cute and I and convinced she will be the next piano prodigy and the next Charlotte Church-- or maybe the next American Idol (let a mom dream:)!!!


Here is a video of the next piano prodigy:

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Finally we decided to make cookies for no other reason than mommy wanted to eat the dough-- yes i know that is pitiful but I had a hankering!! Anyway, Mia put on her apron and was a "big help"!!! She did enjoy climbing on the counter and playing with dough. Oh yes, the final pictures in the following collage is of Mia doing a no no! She took the bag of cereal out of the cabinet and shook it all over. Here is the end result.

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  1. I found your blog through Sara. Your daughter is so beautiful! What a precious gift.

  2. Looks like you had a WONDERFUL Day....
    LOVE the pictures.
    Mia is tooo cute..
    I think she will be the next American Idol..
    Have a Great Thursday..

  3. She is a concert pianist and a chef~ so cute:)


  4. I love this post!!! Her video cracked me up. She really could be the next piano prodigy, you never know! Very cute!!!

  5. Love the cereal picture. Busy, busy, busy 1 1/2 year old. One of my boys took the canola oil out of the cabinet at that age and boy was that a mess. Love the little apron. Aren't girls fun!

  6. How precious!! It's so wonderful to dream of all our kiddos are going to be. You just never know with our littl China dolls...we have no clue what generational thing they come from. They could be brilliant prodigy' you said!! It's so amazing to watch them grow and become all God wants them to be!!! Look like Mia had fun doing cookies!! :)

    speaking of American Idol...GO DAVID COOK!!!! have a great weekend!
    Love ya,

  7. I love the pictures of her draggin around her baby!