Monday, May 5, 2008

Mia's 18 Month Appointment & Our Backyard

Toady was Mia’s 18 month appointment with her doctor. She did not enjoy the shots nor the probing but on the whole she did a good job. Owen also had a med check appointment (Owen is on Adderol for attention issues). He was his typical self playing with all the doctor equipment (tongue depressors, ear checker thing, etc) and riding the little stool all around the exam room, but everything was fine with him as well.

So now for the good news. Mia’s weight was 19 pounds and 13 ounces--- yippeeeeee!!!! She is almost 20 pounds!!! That is huge as I have been so concerned that she was so little but now she is actually on the American charts (kind of). Her height was 31 inches which puts her on the American charts at the 25%ile and on the Chinese charts at the 50th%ile. Her weight was 19.13 placing her at about the 3rd %ile on the American charts and about the 10th%ile on the Chinese charts. I am so pleased she is on all the charts—Chinese and American!! YIPEE!!

Don't let this adorable picture fool you. They were not so angelic when we actually got in the doctors office.

Here are some pictures of Mia and Owen in the waiting room:

Here are some pictures of the horror of the actual exam room. Ethan was bugging Owen and Owen was bugging Mia and they were grabbing everything and annoying me to death and ugggggg it was crazy!!!! Anyway, it finally ended on a good note but the irritance with the boys continued and they lost a privilege after that lovely episode—oh boys are great fun!!!

Kevin has been doing a ton of overtime. They have some DUI grant and have to do a ton of DUI check points so poor Kevin has had to work almost everyday— even his days off. Today he worked in the backyard once again and it is looking pretty darn ready for summer. We got new cushions for much of the patio furniture. We got a new dining table and umbrellas and just spruced a few things up. I still need to hang my hanging plants on the patio cover and do a few more things, but overall, it is looking pretty good. We BBQ’d bratwurst tonight and the boys were playing with their guns in the backyard so it was a great night to take some cute pictures of the boys and the backyard. I can’t wait for the parties to start—we totally use our yard to death during the summer and I can’t wait to start the fun!!!
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  1. Glad Mia and Owen are doing well.. (ADHD is another thing we have in comman~ Nick has that).. Sounds like the Dr.'s office was a fun one..
    Love the backyard.. it is beautiful..
    I hope I get to try it out one day..
    Have a Great Week..
    It was nice chatting with ya yesterday..
    HUGS girly..
    and of course I couldn't leave without saying that Mia is sooo adorable...

  2. Glad the kiddo's are fine. Love your backyard. We have been working on ours too. I just bought a new umbrella and cushions for some of the furniture. Now I have to replace others because they don't match anymore. Wow I better get back to work. We have a pool, but it isn't opened yet the weather is just starting to get nice enough here. We will get it open in about 2 weeks.
    Jill Mommy to 4, Jaelynn home almost 4 weeks from S. Korea.

  3. Cheers that Mia is actually on the charts. It took Jie Jie Mia until she was three! I remember jumping up and down that day. Love the backyard. Looks like fun. Hugs,


  4. The part about riding the little stool all over the exam room cracked me up, I've been there done that with my son too! You were so brave to bring all three of them.

    Your backyard is going to be so much fun for you all this summer. It is just BEAUTIFUL!! You can just step into your backyard and feel like you are on vacation! Wow!!! So cool!!!

  5. Doctor's appts are so much fun NOT! Glad all is well with them. when can we come visit..that looks like heaven back there : )

  6. What an absolutely beautiful back yard!!! I bet you DO have a great time back there!!! The doctors office sounds SO familiar. I'm so glad that Mia is on the charts now!! Looks like she's been eatin' real good!!! Yall have a great week!

  7. Your backyard looks fabulous! Enjoy every second of it!

    Sorry to hear Kevin is working so much. Single parenting is never fun!

    Glad to hear the kids are doing well. Kamree was just 20 pounds at 18 months too. Our girls are just little peanuts!

  8. I think your backyard should be pictured in Better Homes and Gardens under the resort backyard section. I would never leave the little covered bar area with the grill. Do you have a swim up bar also? So jealous. Mia is going to have a ball this summer at her resort.

  9. Our Spicy Girl was at the 15% and 25% until she was 3. She has been in the 50% (American charts) for some time now. It's great seeing them grow.

    Your backyard is AWESOME!!

  10. Missed you at Mickey's place. We had quite the full day. We want to go back and do a late afternoon till close because the crowds were less when we were leaving. So, arrive at about 3ish, and they close at 8.

    Kailee is barely 25lbs at 28 months.

  11. Your backyard is beautiful.... I don't think I would ever leave it! I'm jealous!!!

  12. Your back yard is gorgeous! I can't imagine that kevin doesn't LOVE to grill back there!! I love the playset!