Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lots of Stuff!!

This weekend has been nice. We have not decided what we are going to do tomorrow but since Kevin has to work the kids and I will find something fun to do. I feel a bit better about things. It was nice to go to church this morning and really feel the support of my church friends. I am really just having to give the unknown up to God and know that EVERTHING is in His control. It is easy to say but much more difficult to do.

On a side note, when I downloaded the pictures from my camera I forgot about a bunch of pictures I took early in the week before I became depressed and busy.

These first pictures are of Mia and Owen when we got home from Pismo last weekend. We came home to hot hot hot weather so we decided to swim. Mia looked so cute in her little American suit so I had to get some pictures-- as always. These pictures are with my little handheld camera- not my new one. The following is a cute little video of Mia swimming.

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Early last week-- I think Tuesday, I met Laila + kids and Cassie at the food court for lunch. We got there a bit early so I took some cute pictures of Mia playing. She was having such a good time. Again, these pictures are with my little camera-- not my new one.

Friday night we met our friends for dinner at Lucille's. It was a good time but by the time we were done with dinner we did not have enough time to go to see the new Indiana Jones movie. The boys were a bit disappointed but we promised we would take them next weekend. Please look at the second picture in the collage and please notice the Owen is smiling and is not making a face. I think the only reason it is so is because it was taken with my new camera and it has a very quick shutter speed so i got the picture BEFORE he made the silly face. So, yes he did make a face, but my new camera got the picture before he had a chance to do do. So-YAAAAAA!!!!! I really like my new camera. Again, I know very little about it thus far but I am learning everyday. There are a few pictures of us eating Saturday monrning breakfast (Kevin makes breakfast every Saturday morning-- tradition) and a few others while I was playing around with my camera. The rest of the pictures below are all taken with my new camera.


Wicked was absolutely AMAZING!!!!! I was blown away by not only the ending but the music and everything. It was a PERFECT night-- really it could not have been any better!!!

This is taken with my new camera in our driveway with Brian and Heather. I love the colors!!

Heather getting in the limo.

Brian and Heather

Kev and I

Before WICKED we went to Lawry's in Beverly Hills. It is an old steak house from the 50's and is still today an awesome and historic restaurant. Many of you will recognise the name Lawry's from the seasoning salt you buy at the grocery store. Those seasoning salts and garlic salts and the whole line is from this historic restaurant. This picture is of Heather and I after dinner.

All of us outside of Lawry's

After dinner we headed the the Pantages for WICKED!!!!!! It is so nice riding in a limo as Jack (our driver-- and friend) just pulled up and we hopped out. So easy and kind of fun!!

The Historic Pantages Theatre

The Pantages is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with all the stars. This man was playing his trumpet for money along the walk in front of the theatre.

Brian and Heather at the entrance.

The Pantages is an old beautiful theatre and about 5 or so years ago they revamped it and it is now just back to it's historic state.

This is the WICKED stage before the musical began. The props and stage and everything was amazing!!!!

Kevin and I after the show. You cannot take pictures inside the theatre so we were limited in the pictures we could take inside.

Just showing you a star on the walk of fame. No idea who Connie Stevens is but here is her star:)

Today we went to a swim party at our friends home. The kids, as always, had a blast as well as the adults. Mia is having a a blast swimming with her new little floaty suit. It keeps her upright in the water which I really like and she has learned to kick her feet to balance her in the water better. Ethan is always willing to play with Mia in the pool. He is such a good big brother!

I totally love the following collage. You can see the difference in the pictures between my old and new camera. Look at the first picture. You can see the water hitting Mia's head-- that is just so cool. It has such a quick shutter speed that it can catch that stuff that my little camera can't.

At most of our parties with friends Mia gets to see her pal Izzy. They had a blast running around and playing. Here they are making hats with Tupperware-- very cute!!

So we have had a busy weekend thus far. Tomorrow will either be a relaxing day not doing much or we may do something fun. I am really tired so I'm not sure what I am up for tomorrow but we will see. I hope you all are having a great weekend and tomorrow is a wonderful opportunity to remember those who fought for our freedom-- the freedom of this GREAT NATION!!!!


  1. What a GREAT weekend you have had so far!! Awesome pictures.

    By the way, you look AMAZING in your dress!! Wow!! I wish I would step out and wear something like that. It is SO classy!!! I am SUCH a musical buff...I would love to see Wicked!!!

    I've gotta go for now. The kids are fussing in the other room, and are loosing patience as they wait to go to the pool!!! Have a great Memorial Day!
    Love ya,
    p.s. glad you're feeling better!

  2. Christy I'm so glad you're feeling better. The pictures are wonderful, puts a smile on my face!

  3. Wow! What an amazing post. It looks like you guys had a great weekend. You look absolutely beautiful in your dress! Loved this post! You are one BUSY family. Too fun! : )

  4. Great pictures with the new camera! You look fabulous all dressed up on your night out. Mia looks as adorable as always! Yes, Disney sometime sooooonnnnn! We need to chat on the phone soon and make some plans.

    You really make me feel old that you don't know who Connie Stevens is!!

  5. WOW.. you are always having all the fun..
    LOVE the pictures..
    Will you please email me and tell me how to make the collages....
    I have sooo many pictures and I would prefer to post them like that...
    Love the new camera...
    we are sooo happy with our new lens also.. it is amazing how it makes such a HUGE differance..
    Hugs girly..
    Have a Great Week..

  6. Christy, first you have this gorgeous backyard, and now I find you going to see Wicked by limo! I'm really beginning to not like you!!! lol I've been wanting to go to Chicago to see Wicked... definately on my 'must do' list this summer! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend... and you look great!

  7. You are such a blessed girl! I love the pics of you & the hubby; you can never take too many! You guys are an adorable couple!

  8. Wow! Great weekend! I love all of the bathing suit photos of Mia. It's a little early for suits in NY. You would think living here I would get myself to Wicked on Broadway.....maybe when my 5 hit 18!

  9. I love the bottom picture of Mia with the water running over her head. Love the expression!
    Looks like a great night.

  10. Christy,
    You NEED to stop by my blog and catch up!!! Then you need to call me to catch up more!! Big things are happening around here!!! I'llbe out of town from the 30th to the 15th... but we can email!


  11. beautiful picts! You and Kevin are a really lovely couple!!

  12. Oh what fun! When we lived in So Cal, we lived in West Hollywood about 1-2 miles from Lawry's Beverly Hills. That was definately one of our favorite "special occasion" restaurants! Looks like you had a wonderful evening....Pantages, limo and all! You guys really know how to do it up right! :)