Saturday, March 22, 2008

Open House~ Jump House~ And Our House

The last few days were all about Houses!! First off we had the boys open house at school this past week. Our school chooses to do the open house in March instead of May or June. That way, the kids don't feel like after open house the school year is over and they are done learning. We start the night with dancing and music and then we have In and Out Burger and then visit the classrooms. I took pictures in Ethan's room but totally forgot to in Owen's room. So, I posted a few pics but there were not many.

Dad, Mia and Ethan, Mom and Ethan, Owen and Ethan, Cousin Kaitlyn (who is in the same class) and Ethan)

Now onto the other House. My friend Tenderly did a party for her kids at a bug Jumpy warehouse. It was a blast and the kids and the adults had so much fun!!! Mia has absolutely no fear!! She was all over the place getting bounced onto her head, back and everywhere. She would jump up laughing and keep going. I, as well as every other parent in the place were amazed at how tough she was. I too was totally amazed. I know she is a tough little cookie but I could not believe how tough she was in the jumpies. There is a video of it-- take a look-- it is to funny!!

I think this is a cute picture of the Kids and I!!

More Jumping Fun! Mia with aunt Cassie, Laila, mommy, Ava, Mia and the Boys with their friends

My friend Joanne and her son, Tenderly jumping, Ethan flipping, Aunt Cassie, Ethan and Mia, Owen, Ava and Laila and more fun!!!

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Now onto our house! The kitchen is totally functional and I am loving it. There are a few things that Kevin plans on doing when he and the boys return from the Grand Canyon (they are going there during the boys spring break in the RV with all our camping friends-- Mia and I have to stay because my spring break is the following week--ugg). Once he returns he will put the crown moulding on the tops of the cabinets, the bottom of the cabinet mouldings that hide the under cabinet lighting and the back splash. That is about all there is left at this point. He left the doors off the under the sink cabinet because when he was installing the plumbing a little water leaked and he wanted to make sure it was totally dry before he puts the doors on. He is actually putting the doors on as we speak. So, other than what I mentioned, the kitchen is pretty much done. I am just in love with it and am really enjoying cooking on our new appliances. We have Easter at our house tomorrow so I will get to do a lot of cooking-- I'll post pictures tomorrow!
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  1. Oh my gosh your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so happy for you all. I love the pictures of the school open house and the jumpy place. Looks like everybody had a great time. You guys seem to always have lots of neat activities going on, how fun! : )

  2. The kitchen turned out great! You guys did an awesome job. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all at the open house and especially the jump place. Could you send some In and Out Burger to the midwest? We go there every time we're in CA, and my kids proudly wear their t-shirts from there because nobody here has heard of it. The picture of you and the kiddos is really nice.

  3. That is a very cute picture of you and the kids. I like it.

  4. Wow - you have been a busy Mama!! I love that picture of you & your 3 peanuts - it is so frameable!! And your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!!

  5. Wow - you have been a busy Mama!! I love that picture of you & your 3 peanuts - it is so frameable!! And your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!!

  6. the kitchen looks awesome!! You guys stay SO busy!!! Looks like the school visit and the jump zone place was awesome! We have one of those here and we use it for bribery sometimes for our kiddos! They LOVE IT!!! Have a wonderful Easter with your family!!

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun..
    LOVE the kitchen.. and the picture of you and the kids... BEAUTIFUL..
    Have a Great Sunday..

  8. Christy,
    The kitchen turned out beautifuly... LOVE the range top! Looks like you all had a great time and Mia will definately love gymnastics when she's a little older! Nice picture of you and the kids too. Happy Easter!

  9. You kitchen looks great Christy! Awesome job that they did!

  10. OOH your kitchen looks so great!!! I bet you LOVE it. Open house looked like lots of fun too.

  11. The kitchen is amazing! Tell Kevein he can come to Delaware and do another one for kicks!!! =) Just kidding. Love the jumping pics and those from school. You take such fun pics!

  12. Yay! It turned out GREAT! It actually reminds me lots of my own kitchen, which I adore. So guess you have great taste, heh. Glad to hear Easter went well, too.