Monday, March 17, 2008

Eggs, Dresses & Kitchens

On Saturday our Sunday School Class has a giant egg hunt at my brother and sister-in-laws farm. It is a huge event that is a great family time. The kids just love it and we end the hunt with lunch. Both the boys found a "golden egg" which meant they got to choose a cool toy when the hunt was over. They were both quite pleased with themselves. Mia had a great time. She didn't really get what was going on but really enjoyed picking up the eggs.

Before the hunt they start with a presentation of the "Resurrection Eggs" which is a cool way to show the whole time of Jesus' death and His Resurrection. The first few pictures with the kids on the grass were of the Resurrection egg presentation.

Mia loved finding the eggs and did a pretty good job at finding them.

So, many of you know about RED THREAD STITCHES and the wonderful clothes Robin makes in order to bring their daughter Hope home from China. Well, a while back I ordered the KIMBERLY DRESS after my blogging friend Kimberly. I was so excited to receive my dress a week ago and I put Mia in it this week at Church. I realized I needed to take a picture of her in the dress before it got dirty but she would not comply.

So, this is what I got. I like the second pic (top right) the best but the dress looked so darn cute on Mia and I just loved the Chinese print-- WAY TOO CUTE!!

So, the pictures are in of the kitchen. As a tiny bit of background, we have wanted to do this big kitchen/ family room addition where we add a bunch of square footage to our home-- but-- with the market as it is we don't think that will happen anytime soon. So, we decided to keep the same footprint of our kitchen as it was before (which we don't really like but it is really all we can do with the space we have) to save money not having to do flooring and figure we can at least have an awesome kitchen to live in for a while and if we ever get to do the addition-- then way cool and we will have not invested a ton in the first place. We are not done but it is coming along really well. Kevin has tomorrow to do moulding, get the fridge in and a few other necessities before he goes back to work. As of tomorrow the kitchen will be totally functional- Stove hooked up- sink water hooked up- garbage disposal hooked up- dishwasher hooked up- fridge in and more. Already our warming drawer and oven work so I got to cook a frozen pizza for dinner (only boys Mia and I because Kevin had to work a DUI checkpoint tonight and went to work around 6pm). Anyway, as you can see, the kitchen is looking great!! The granite is BEAUTIFUL and I am so happy we chose what we did. I love our appliances and totally love what we chose for our faucet. The whole thing has really come together well and I am so proud and amazed at Kevin and his dad's ability to do pretty much everything. As you look at the pictures, know that the ONLY thing that Kevin and Don did not do it the granite. They did EVERYTHING else!! Wiring, plumbing, building all the cabinets (literally they came in a flat box and they had to be totally built). They did everything and I am so proud of the job they have done.

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What will still be left after tomorrow will probably be some moulding and the back splash. Kevin will get to that in the next couple weeks. I look forward to seeing the whole thing put together-- I LOVE IT ALREADY!!!


  1. Your kitchen is looking fabulous! What an amazing job Kevin and his dad are doing. Mia is as adorable as always. Is that the Kenneth Cole crop on her in the kitchen?

    I don't know where you find the energy girl!

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  3. Hello! I read your blog all the time, but have never posted. I began following your story last year on RQ when you were skipped, my heart broke for you, but it obviously worked out the way it was supposed to be, as Mia is the perfect one for your family :)
    Anyway, I have a blog of my own:
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    I hope mine can be as interesting as yours!

  4. The kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous! The cabinets, appliances, and especially the granite are great. Your hubby and his dad did a fantastic job, and in such a short time. Amazing!

    Love the pics of Mia in her Kimberly dress -- very cute as usual.

  5. That dress is adorable on IA!! I have thought of ordering one, but don't have a clue what size to get (our paperwork is for up to 3 years old!) The kitchen is looking fab! I love the double ovens :) Lucky girl!! The egg hunt looks like fun (WARM!!) I am sure it will snow here on Easter!

  6. What a great egg hunt!! We have had one at school and will be having one at the grandparent's house and church this weekend.

  7. I agree -- your kitchen is fabulous! You must be so excited!

    Also, I love Mia's dress! Could she be any cuter?!

  8. Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! So happy for you guys!

  9. Well...I was really enjoying the Easter post and the egg hunt, but then I saw Mia in the Kimberley dress and well, you know that's my favorite! I love the top right photo of her in it. Very lovely.
    I hope you all have a fabulous Easter. And good luck with the kitchen remodel..can't wait for the finished photos!

  10. Looks like a pretty Easter Egg Hunt and lot's of fun. Love the dress, you Mia is such a cutie

  11. Looks like I can't type today, looks like a pretty BIG Easter Egg hunt and YOUR Mia is such a cutie!! LOL Leaving for vacation in 2 days and my mind is going in all directions.

  12. The kitchen looks great!! I am so excited for you. You are going to love that pot filler!

  13. The kitchen is looking great and Mia looks adorable in her new dress. I MUST order one for Kate. How is the sizing...not sure what size to order. Miss KAte is very big.


  14. That is one of my favorite soon as I know Lucy's "for real" size I am ordering one. Your kitchen is so beautiful already...cant wait to see the final pics!!

  15. Your kitchen is gorgeous! You are so lucky that dh and your dad have that type of talent. I got the short end of the stick with my dh as he has never used a hammer in his life! AND when he did we had to call a handyman to fix the giant hole he put in the and learn....he does other things well though. lol.

  16. I am just trying to catch up on my blog you guys have been busy! Your kitchen looks fabulous! You must really be enjoying it....and Mia looks so adorable in her halter dress! Happy Easter to you all!

  17. Hey Christy! I love checking in with Mia and your daily excitement. I just got Hope's "Kimberly" dress in the mail this week as well. It is just beautiful! Now, I'm contemplating what to order next...could I just have one of each pease? :) Mia looks adorable. I'll have to wait to get Hope into her dress for pictures. We woke up to an Easter blizzard this morning. YIKES :)


  18. Gorgeous kitchen, gorgeous dress, and of course...gorgeous Mia!
    It is really amazing how much you have done to your kitchen in such a short time. It is looking great!

    Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!