Friday, March 7, 2008

Kitchen BEFORE & Panera

So, you guys want to join in watching our remodel? Sounds good to me. Tonight Kevin is starting the demolition and our kitchen will be taken down to bare walls. Last night I took literally everything out of the kitchen and put it in the dining room and the living room. MY HOUSE IS A DISASTER AREA!!!! I am not a crazy neat freak but clutter and messes make me crazy so the next week will be quite a challenge for me. We set up a makeshift kitchen in our living room with our coffee maker, toaster, microwave and fruit bowl. We will use the sink in our laundry room to wash things but we will pretty much be eating off paper plates and plastic utensils. We also, unfortunately, will have to eat out quite a bit this next week as we will not have an oven to cook. That part irritates me for a couple reasons. One, I hate spending a lot of money on eating out- we much rather eat at home- but two, I hate feeding the kids a bunch of fast food. Cooking food at home is so much better for them but also saves us a ton of money. Oh well, this next week we will have no choice. Anyway, here is the plan. Demo tonight and tomorrow part day. Saturday Kevin and his dad will be putting all the cabinets together and starting the install (cabinets were delivered last night). Sunday Kevin has to work. Monday Kevin and his dad will continue the install of the cabinets. Kev works till Friday and then on Saturday he and his dad will put the final finishes on the cabinets and on Sunday the granite will be installed. Monday Kevin and his dad will install our appliances and hopefully that night we can start moving our kitchen back in. YAAAA!! So, if all goes as intended, we will be without a kitchen for 10 day. That is not too bad. Anyway, I will post pics along the way. Stay tuned for demo pics-- FUN!!!

Kitchen Before-- old nasty 15 year old cabinets and white cracked tile-- yuck!! This is after I cleared everything out.

This is where our kitchen is now-- IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR LIVING ROOM AND DINING ROOM--UGGG!!! Its going to be quite a challenge keeping Mia out of all the stuff on the ground but at least it is only for a little over a week. I will be taking Mia and the boys out quite a bit to keep them out of the mess.

Kevin and the boys have a tradition of going to Panera before school on Friday's. This morning Mia woke up really early so I decided ot get ready for Stroller Strides so Mia and I could go with them. We also took Ethan's friend Jake (who by the way had his birthday yesterday March 6-- which was also my birthday yesterday). It was fun to actually hang out before school as opposed to just rushing out the door. After Kevin left to take the kids to school Mia and I hung out for about 30 minutes just wasting time before Stroller Strides.

Ethan, Jake, Owen, Mia and Kevin (oh ya I'm there too) eating at Panera before school. The food at Panera is AWESOME!!

Mia enjoying herself before Stroller Strides. She loves having a cup with a straw. She can entertain herself forever with a cup and a straw.

So, stay tuned for the demolition pictures. I should have them by tomorrow.
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  1. How exciting to be getting a new kitchen! Can't wait to see more pictures!!

  2. I have no advice for you on how to deal with the mess...I've been living in construction since we bought this house! We are almost done...4.5 years later!

    Hey! Happy Birthday girl!!!!!!

  3. We are fixing to have a redo at our house too. I think it will be pure torture to go through, however the end result will be worth it. Hang in there and remind yourself often about your wonderful, new kitchen.
    Mia is a doll!

  4. I look forward to seeing the after pictures ... so exciting!

    .... and Miss Mia just get cuter with each passing day!

  5. I can't wait to see your new kitchen. I love the paint color in your kitchen now.

    Cute pictures of the family. I hope you had a fun and relaxing birthday!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You just kind of slipped that one in :) Hope you had a great day!!

    I cant wait to see the transformation of your kitchen!!

  7. Happy Birthday!

    Also, I love love love love Panera. Their Cheddar Broccoli soup is my flavorite.

  8. Happy Birthday!!

    Can't wait to see the kitchen - my dear husband is a contractor, so I love good kitchen makeovers!

    Panera is still on my list of things to do - it will be my spring goal!!

    Have a fab (albeit messy makeover) weekend!


  9. Happy Birthday from one spicy Pisces to another!

    Good luck on the remodel...can't wait to see it.

    Dland might be good this Monday...let's talk this weekend.

    Mia is as cute as ever!

  10. Happy Birthday (two days late)! You just snuck that in there you tricky girl. ;) Good luck with the kitchen re-do. Can't wait to see all the pictures.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you are going to have a BEAUTIFUL kitchen. I've been through it and it is definitely worth the mess. I can't wait to see it when it is done!!

    Mia looks so cute reading her book with her pacifier! So sweet!

  12. I need my kitchen redone... Can you come over and help...LOL..
    Love the pictures...
    Love Mia's outfits.. you find the cutest things...
    She has my favorite shoes on again...
    Can't wait until tomorrow to see the demo pictures..
    Have a Great Saturday..

  13. oh your new kitchen sounds wonderful. I am sure you will LOVE the granite!

  14. Can't wait to see the final re-do on the kitchen. Happy belated birthday! I love Panera too!

  15. We * heart* Panera too! Every Saturday morning we head there with our books and newspaper and wireless whatever and hang out for an hour or so!! YUMMY!