Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun at the Food Court

I met my sister and Laila (plus kids) at the food court at our outdoor mall today. Mia and Ava had a ton of fun!!


Mia is such a climber!! She climbs up EVERYTHING and scares me to death! She actually does really well but it still freaks me out to watch her climb to new heights.



Mia and Ava enjoying their beverages!!

So, Kevin put a few more cabinets in place today but I will wait until tomorrow night to post some pics.
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  1. The girls are darling .....
    Looks like they had LOTS of fun...
    Love them looking at each other while drinking their drinks....
    TOO CUTE!!!
    Have a Great Day..

  2. Look how red Mia's little face is. Too cute!

  3. Does Mia have any clothes that are not cute!! Too bad Kailee is older/bigger...I would love your recycleables.

    I can't wait till Friday...looking forward the Dland and seeing you guys.

  4. Mia looks like she was having a blast! The last picture of the girls guzzling down their drinks is adorable.

    Yet another adorable outfit for Mia!! She is just way too cute for words.

    Looking forward to some more kitchen pictures!

  5. Love that pic of the BFFs!!

    Thanks for the comments and prayers regarding Molly.

  6. Cute mall pictures! I can't wait to see more kitchen pictures!

  7. What great photos - and it looks so nice and warm! And your kitchen is looking beautiful!!


  8. What great pics....soooooo sweet!!!

  9. Jumpin' jellybeans[as my own adopted twins Mia and Kayla woul say 4 years old] your Mia is so cute.