Monday, March 10, 2008

Kitchen Day 2

Kevin and his dad worked all day on the kitchen and got a lot done but also had a number of setbacks. The drain for the kitchen sink is positioned strangely and they therefore cant put our trash compactor where we wanted it to go (right by the sink) so we had to reconfigure a few cabinets. We had to have the guy who sold us the cabinets bring us the new ones we needed and send back the ones we didn't-- poor guy! There were also a few other "issues" but they were able to get most of them taken care of.


This first picture is the final end product of the day. I just took it 5 minutes ago at 9:06pm. You can see the corner is complete with the cabinets-- no doors are on yet-- and the range top cabinet where the stove will set, the beautiful hood is up and the PHENOMINAL pot filler is in.



Please notice the beautiful pot filler. I love this item!!! It will be so cool to be able to fill pots of water right on the stove top-- HOW COOL!!! Kevin tested it out and it works great!!!


This last picture was taken earlier in the day when they were chopping up the cabinet where our cook top will sit. This is our cook top and I also love it soooooo much. It is a professional Kitchen aid 6 burner and it will heat water in no time flat!! I just love it! It comes with a 9 inch back splash that is not pictured but it has a little shelf on the top of the back splash to put things on. It is really cool! We cant install the cook top until the granite is in.

So, all is going well. Kevin plans on making and installing a few cabinets each night when he gets home from work. Kevin's dad will also be over throughout the rest of the week to do some electrical and other things. On Saturday they have to make the push to get everything in because granite comes on Sunday. I'm sure every little trim piece and detail wont be done by the time granite is installed but at least the basics of the cabinets will be done and then on Monday they can put in the appliances-- YAAA!! And that means I can cook in my kitchen again. It wont be done by then but at least the appliances will be in and I can get back to a semi-normal routine. It is crazy cooking in a microwave. I'm just not use to it at all. Today I crock potted dinner and made rice in a microwave rice cooker and broccoli in a microwave vegy steamer. It turned out fine but what a pain in the butt!! Then I get to go to my laundry room sink and wash the dishes by hand. Oh well-- this week will go fast- at least I hope it does :)
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  1. Christy,

    The kitchen is looking wonderful!!!
    I have Granite and Cherry wood
    cabinets and love it!!! PS.
    TO lifewithallisonandsassie@

  2. Love the cabinets..I am so impressed on how far you are already!! I can not wait to see the finished kitchen:)

  3. LOVE IT!!!
    Looks like you are coming along really well..
    Can't wait to see it finished..
    Have a FAST week..

  4. I'm just impressed that you're still cooking. I would totally be eating out the WHOLE WEEK!!! I hate to cook anyway!!! It LOOKS GREAT!!! Kuddo's to your hubby and dad!! They're doing a great job!! i can't wait to see the finished product!! Keep us posted!!

  5. I love the cherry cabinets! Beautiful!

  6. Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous!! I cannot wait to see the end result...LOVE the pot filler!!

  7. I can't wait to see the finished results!!

  8. It's looking great! Love the cherry cabinets and the awesome cook top! Looking forward to watching it come along as you post more pictures each day!

  9. It looks fantastic! Envious of your pot filler. It's the one thing I wish I had in my kitchen but don't. Can't wait to see the finished result!

  10. Wow! You guys are busy! I love the cabinets!

  11. I already love it----as is!! :) Beautiful---love your taste!

  12. I never even THOUGHT of a pot filler - what an awesome idea:D kitchen is coming along nicely!!