Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life progressing well!!

Around here life is progressing well!! We are busy but kind of lazy. There will be whole days that will pass laying around never driving the car and other days are filled with appointments. It's been a relaxing summer and we ate looking forward to our only family vacation this summer- a road trip up the California coast then to Sacramento for a family wedding and then to bass lake to finish the trip up. All together it should be 8 days. Then we return home and im back to work and kids go back soon after. But we are really looking forward to the trip. We are going to the family wedding which is awesome but also we get to visit our friends who just relocated from down here to Sacramento. It will be fun to see the Murphy's and it's crazy nice of charity to babysit 4 of my 5 kids during the wedding (emery stays with us).

We are currently hosting our wonderful judy wu's son like and niece Bella all the way from Guangzhou. They ate great kids and we are loving hanging out with them. They are so smart and polite and just cool kids. Next they head to Arizona to my good pal Sindy!

The following are pics from the last week or so.

Sorry for them being mixed up. I'm doing this on a blogger app on my iPhone. Clearly you can see emery has lost her fear of water and loves playing in the fountain as well as going in the pool!!!

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  1. I have read your blog for a few years now - somehow found it when we were adopting our daughter Ava Lu. We live in Sacramento. How fun would it be to meet you and your beautiful family in person.