Saturday, July 7, 2012


We swim a lot! Our kids, Kevin and all of the cousins and others are in the pool on a regular basis. At our 4th of July we probably had 20+ kids in our pool. Lets just say it is well used and it is necessary for our kids to like to be in the water because it is a large part of our summer fun. The boys and Mia are fish and very strong swimmers. Last summer was Finley's first summer with us and she was slow to love the water but as you can see from these pictures, she has come around. She is still very attached to her floaties, which we are so thankful for, but she should be swimming by the end of summer. Emery was initiated into the water within a few days of being home. We don't think she has had any experience in the water as baths are rare in foster homes. Well, we made a go at it and Emery was less than enthused to be in the water. She clung to Kevin like crazy. We have tried the water a few more times and we often are met with tears but we will continue to try.

Look at the furrowed brow-- she so did not know what to do.

She warmed up but still was not too happy

Mia is a major fish. She swims all the time and is very good at it!

Finley is loving the water this year

Mia diving in

Finley being tossed by Kevin

Owen catching a football

Kevin tossing Mia-- the girls fly!!!


  1. The water looks sooo inviting! How I long to have a home with such a beautiful pool. Swimming is one of the things I'm looking forward to in China this week.

  2. Aw man! When can we come join the fun? Loving on your pool! It's beautiful!! I'm thinking Kevin is absolutely smitten with his baby girl...