Monday, August 6, 2012

Such a pitiful blogger

I know, I know. I'm horrible and I admit it- but I'm posting 1 pitiful picture now- right??? Ok so I early take pictures right now. I'm just in a "holy cow I have 5 kids who argue and fight all the time and are sitting around the house doing nothing but bugging eachother " kind of funk. Not gonna lie. 5 kids is hard. Really hard! Babies are work and they add a new dynamic to the family. While it is a good dynamic, let me just say how happy I have been to have summer to adjust before returning to work! All is fine- really it is- just adjusting to normal.

We leave on our family vacation Saturday morning. First stop San Luis obispo. Then to Monterey for 2 days then San Francisco for 3 days then to a lake outside of Sacramento- Folsom lake- for 5 days while we ate attending my cousins wedding in downtown sacramento. Lots of fun activities planned and lots of time driving so pray for sanity for Kev and I. Should be a lot of fun and since we were going to the wedding anyway and didn't want to pay for airfare, we decided to drive the 8 hours and make a nice family trip out of it. I will have pics of the trip.

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  1. FUN FUN... enjoy your family vacation..