Thursday, July 19, 2012

A perfect heart!!!!

We just finished emery's echo on her heart. They couldn't do it on monday as she was freaking out so much but today I had to bring her with no food not sleep and they put her to sleep so they could perform the echo. Emery's special need was a mild ASD but the echo shows nothing at all. Her heart looks perfect in every way!!! The cardiologist said if there was an ASD there at one time is is now closed. No follow up needed- nothing!!! We are so happy about this!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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  1. What wonderful news!!!! Carissa along with her microtia, was "supposedly" supposed to have mild ASD but after being home for a few weeks and seeing the pediatric cardiologist, he declared her heart "perfect". Gotta love news like that!!

  2. That is great news, but definitely not surprising for a young girl referral from KCWI. This is quite common from there. They often refer young NSN girls as having a mild ASD. No one knows why, though there is much speculation.

  3. What a blessing! Super news! So glad to catch up on your blog!!

  4. Sharing your joy!

    (we live in the valley if you ever get out this way! 4 girls from China and our oldest son lives near you! small world)