Monday, July 16, 2012

Hungry girl and Lots of Life!!!

We were at a party this weekend and Emery- lets just say-- enjoyed the food. She was covered in BBQ sauce!

Sorry I have not taken and posted more pictures. I have been very busy with life. It is crazy how I am off work and I honestly think I am busier now then I am when I am working. We have had so many appointments. We have had a ton of Dr. appointments. The boys had their sports physicals, and Finley had a physical and of course Emery's. Then there was blood work and then the referrals and the chest x-ray for Emery and Finley needed an updated renal ultrasound to prep for her spina bifida appointment in August. I have also had a few work things I had to have lunch meetings for and work to do in that area so life has been moving like crazy. Then add to that the average of about 5 hours sleep a night and you are dealing with one tired and busy mom. So, sorry for not posting more but I will soon.

I wanted to touch on the cardiologist appointment from today. It went HORRIBLY!!! Good news but HORRIBLE in everyother way! The Dr. was great and the staff was great but Emery WAS NOT!!! She started screaming the second they started prepping her for the EKG. We could not calm her down at all-- suckers- balloons- nothing could calm her down but they were able to get a usable EKG which was good. Then into the room with the Dr. and Emery was having none of that either. He could hardly listen to her heart because she was screaming so much. This was odd screaming. It was different than anything I have ever seen from her. Bowed back and writhing and almost a desperation to get away in anyway possible. Almost primal.  She was FREAKING out and I could not calm her. The only thing that would calm her was for the Dr. or nurse to leave the room. I have NO IDEA where that all came from and she was fine when we left but it was very odd and strange how she reacted to the Dr. appointment. The Dr. was unable to do the Echo he wanted to do on her so we get, yet again, one more appointment. This time we have to make her sleep deprived with an empty stomach and then they will give her some med to make her sleep and then do the echo. That will happen Thursday so I pray the method works and we are able to get the echo done as it is necessary.

Even though the we were unable to do the echo the Dr. was able to ascertain a lot from what we knew and what we were able to get. He said that her initial ASD (murmur- if there really was one-- but I wont get into that) was very minor and it would have been hard to hear anyway. He said that small of a murmur would naturally close on its own or at least decrease in size. He said that if the murmur was still .4cm (what it initially was) then it would have actually increased in size (as it would naturally decrease in size by her growth) and we should easily be able to hear it simply with a stethoscope of it was still there. Furthermore, if it had increased (or stayed at .4cm) then we would see other signs like the EKG would have shown something as well as we would have seen something in the chest x-ray but everything was totally normal!!! He absolutely wants to do the echo but his initial feeling is that the ASD has probably closed or gotten so small that it is undetectable. We are VERY HAPPY about this and after the echo on Thursday we will know for sure but how awesome if it is closed!!! What a PRAISE!!!! He said even if there is still a super small hole-- which he does not think there is-- they would do nothing for it. He said lots of kids have minor murmurs and they would do nothing for it if it is there and  it really is a non issue. YAAAA!!!! Anyway, I will let you know how the echo turns out. Please pray Emery responds well to the sleep meds and that we are able to get the echo right away.

So we are dropping the boys at church for surf camp on Thursday-- right before Emery's Echo- and we are also meeting our wonderful Judy Wu and Sabrina at church and they are dropping Mike and Emily (Judy's son and niece from China- Judy was our guide and we love her sooooo much) at church and they too are heading to surf camp as well! We pick the boys and Emily and Mike up on Sunday from camp and then we have Mike and Emily until the next Sunday. We are thrilled to get to know the them and to show them a bit of family life here in the US!!!


  1. Hi Christy, I'm so sorry that the appointment was traumatic!! Thrilled with the great news though!!

    It is possible that she is remembering another doctor's appointment, from back in China. Perhaps THAT appointment didn't go well. Perhaps someone wasn't quite as nice as you, took her, or the doctor wasn't as nice as yours. Only guessing, but those primal screams could be a clue. I'm so sorry it was nasty.

    Looks like you have a good eater on your hands!!! LOL

    dd Sunshine 11, Viet Nam
    dd Brilliance 6, China

  2. That is such a shame that the appt was so traumatic. I feel so bad for her. She must have some fears about Drs. GREAT news that so far everything seems normal!!! She looks so cute eating the BBQ:)

  3. Christy-

    You are not alone with the traumatic doctors' appointments. My Mia screamed every time we pulled into the parking lot at the pediatrician's or the children's hospital and would not stop until we walked out. This happened for quite some time. I dreaded going. We took her to every doctor's appointment we had to help her. Seeing us going through with shots, tests, ears being looked at, etc. really helped her. She has outgrown it and now can watch them take blood; give shots etc. It will get better. I suspect she had some unpleasant Dr. experiences in China. Hang in there.


  4. hi, Emery could hv bad experience with some other doctors back in China. Suggestion: maybe the doctors or nurses could have their white coats taken off on the next visit when Emery enters the room.



  5. Sounds insane...try to take care of yourself! I've been thinking and praying for you all!

  6. Glad that your daughter's echo is normal! We used the same agency last year to adopt our 6-now 7 year old and had a great experience in China. Judy was our guide in Guangzhou and she was absolutely wonderful!!