Friday, February 3, 2012

Concussions and All Star Game

Ethan was honored to be chosen by his coach to be one of the two all stars for the All Star Duck's High School league team. His league is through the DUCKS organization and they have all their games where the Duck's practice but this all star game was at the Honda Center where the Ducks play!!! This was very exciting for Ethan and was thrilled to get this opportunity.

Unfortunately, a week prior to the all star game, Ethan was playing his regular game against a very aggressive team with HUGE players and at the end of the third period, a kid from the other team back checked Ethan (hit him from behind which is illegal) and he went down. No one could see it well because it was up against the boards right in front of where the fans sit therefore no one really saw where Ethan hit his head, but he got up and skated to the side of the ice and then just knelt there. Everyone was really confused and the Paramedic that is at every game immediately went to Ethan. They took him off the ice and determined that his eyes were unresponsive and he did not know who anyone was or where he was at. He knew his name and who Kevin was (I had the girls at a birthday party at my friends house over an hour away so I was not at the game) but did not know who his coach was or anything. It was scary! I guess they decided he needed to go to ER for a CT Scan so they took him by ambulance to UCI ER. I of course got the call from  a friend asking if I was at ER yet and I replied with "what??" Kevin had not yet called me so I had no idea. Kev called right then and I packed up the girls and drove them the hour plus to the ER and met my parents there and they took the girls to their house until we were done. Kev was already there with Ethan and while he knew who we were, he was really confused and we knew he must have been hit hard. They did the CT and it was fine-- no brain bleeding-- and they wanted to observe him for 6 hours and then after that he was released. We got home around 11pm and Ethan was off for a few days till his memory returned. It took about 2 full days for him to remember everyone but he still does not remember the exact events of the day. Luckily this was his first concussion so he only had to be off the ice for 2 weeks but we have to be careful because each subsequent concussion is a big deal and more dangerous. He is now fine and will return to play this weekend. Unfortunately, during his 2 weeks off, the All Star Game was scheduled and he was not allowed to play. His doctor allowed him to skate the warm ups (because it was a special event) and that is where all the following pictures are from, but he was unable to play the actual game. 

Anyway, here are some pictures of the game:

Star Spangled Banner

The Honda Center Jumbotron

The All Star Game Logo

It was cool! They were each announced and they skated out to their line and their name appeared on the jumbotron. There were a couple injured players like Ethan so they were announced and they skated out (if able to) but their # was not on the screen. Ethan is # 15.

The team being instructed by the All Star coach. Most of the coaches for this league are previous NHL players. It is an amazing league we are so thankful to be a part of through the boys school!

It was a great time and we were very proud that Ethan displayed the skating and leadership skills to not only be Assistant Captain of his team (as an 8th grader - they allowed 8th graders on the team for the first couple years of the teams beginning seasons) but also chosen to be on the All Star Team!!!!! Gotta have a proud mama moment :)



  1. I have to delurk to comment on this post. Coincedentally, my son (who is a goalie) is playing his High School All-Star game tomorrow, but that is not what I wanted to say.

    There have been so many injuries in youth hockey lately, including two players that are permanently disabled from being hit. It makes me sad that illegal hits continue to happen and that hockey culture continues to allow kids to play that kind of game. Hockey is not a blood sport, and while injuries do occur, something must be done to address this before more kids are hurt.

    I am so thankful that your son is going to recover and hugs to you, I'm sure that call was one of the hardest of your life. Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy keeping up with your beautiful family.


  2. Oh dear lord this is enough to push a mamas heart over the edge. so glad he is doing better and you should be proud!!