Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Fun!!

We had a few Valentines festivities around the house this year. The girls decided they wanted to make valentines cards on their own (kind of like the red envelope project we had done before) and to stuff the envelopes with candy. They turned out cute and we put the envelope in a heart baggie and we made cookies to also put in the baggie-- as if they don't already get enough sugar on Valentines.  They loved giving the Valentine bags to their classmates. They were very cute!!!!

Sorry, all the pics are taken with my iPhone so they are poor quality.

Owen helping the girls put the red hots in the center of the cookies

We were going to make the cut out cookies but I made the dough too sticky and even after chilling they still were too sticky to roll out so we made circles and pushed them down with a fork-- like peanut butter cookies.

Then the girls painted the cookies with egg whites and food coloring and then put sprinkles on the tops.

They were not as cute as cut outs but they tasted good!

I bought the kids a valentine gift that-- get this--  I actually budgeted for!!!! What a change that is!!! I went with a coffee mug theme. Our coffee travel mugs are severely lacking I decided to buy everyone in our family a new travel mug. My boys love a Chai tea latte on the drive to school or even a decaf latte and Kev too so I got them each a cool mug (forgot to take a pic of them). I also got Kev and the boys a super big bag of gum. There are 180 pieces of gum in these bags so they each have their own now and cant steal my gum (which I'm addicted too). I also got the girls a Dora (for Fin) and Princess (for Mia) travel mug and each of them got a pretty new dress from Target. The dresses are ADORABLE and even cuter in person and they were super cheap (hence the reason why I bought them:).

The girls in their adorable dresses with their mugs.

Mia with her dress and mug.

Fin with her dress and mug

Our little next door neighbor Lily was over when we gave the gifts so she wanted a pic with the girls too.

This last pic is from Ethan's hockey game on Saturday. My nieces came to the game and Kaitlyn has these fake glasses and Mia decided to wear them. I called her name and she looked up at me and I clicked this picture. I think it looks so funny- totally candid-- funny!!!

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