Friday, February 24, 2012

What can we do???

OK, Kev and I went to bed last night discussing the options for celebrating our 40th birthdays coming up---ugggg!!! Im not a super "I hate getting older" type person, but turning 40 is pretty big. I remember baking my dad a cake-- just us kids- for his 40th birthday. I was in high school. It just seems old. Besides always feeling like I could go to bed, I dont feel very old. People say that the 40's are the best years and I think, based on where we are in our lives, that I would probably agree with that statement-- but 40 just sounds old.

Soooooo, I turn 40 in 2 Mondays- March 6 and Kev turns 40 on April 4. We usually do a - between our bdays celebration-  and go away for a weekend but this year, with being on Dave Ramsey and paying off our debt and saving for this adoption, we are not sure we can afford the Venetian in Vegas with all the awesome eating out. So my question is, what should we do? This is a big birthday but we really cant do the awesome weekend away and we cant do the big party so what should we do?

One idea is maybe we do the weekend away but we make it very budget friendly. We live about 3 hours from Vegas and we love going there just to relax and eat-- we don't do shows or gamble-- just eat and relax. So one idea is staying at a super cheap place-- like $40 a night which you can easily do- and then eat maybe a bit cheaper-- maybe hit some of the super cheap places to eat with maybe one nice eating out night.

Or maybe Palm Springs?? We live about an hour and 15 min away from Palm Springs and we can easily do a weekend out there but it is not cheap like Vegas. I just really want to go away for at least a night so Kev and I can have some no kid time to reconnect. We can also maybe go to the beach- only about 40 min from our house- but it it is not cheap for hotels or for food-- although we probably can do

So help. We have no idea what to do or do we just not do anything?? Ideas??


  1. I think if you're serious about Dave Ramsey you don't do anything. Maybe have someone take the kids overnight and you have the house to yourselves over night, eat a nice meal, and sleep in? I found your blog because i'm also doing Dave Ramsey and yeah it can be tough but if you're serious about the program some things you have to give up. Plus its not something you're giving up forever.

  2. How far off do you think travel to China is? If you aren't taking the kids with you, how about going a day early? Stay at a less expensive hotel in Beijing and eat where the locals do! Now that would be a memorably 40th birthday celebration.

  3. I second anonymous's idea...shuttle the kids off and stay at home alone...a staycation. No packing required for you, your own bed, peace and quiet...

  4. I would say do one night in San Diego and use Priceline or Hotwire. You can get a great hotel for cheap on Priceline or Hotwire. Great city and culture, and has a lot of attractions, or even just secluded beaches to wander.

    Mike Congalton

  5. hello there- i just sent you an email and then found the link to your blog! i think the staycation idea could really work if you have a place for the kids to go for the weekend (send them out on saturday morning and pick them up sunday night)! if not, i highly recommend doing an overnight at the ace hotel in palm springs. talk about memorable... and if you can sneak away for one night during the week then it is super reasonable... and memorable... did i already say that. you have to check it out :)

  6. Hello Christy, Since you have our family hooked on Dave Ramsey, I need to tell you, that you need to be working on your debt with "gazelle intensity." I like the idea of sending the kids off for a weekend and enjoying time alone. You could save for a nice dinner out with hubby and make it a special time with just the two of you.

    I have a question regarding Dave Ramsey. Did you take his 13 week course? I have read "Total Money Makeover", and listen to his podcast or clips from his radio show.

    Thanks for sharing. I love to hear how you are doing with the program because it inspires me.

    Caroline, John and Hannah Grace

    You can email me.

  7. I like the idea of a 'staycation', but as someone who's right behind you on the 40 mark, I understand wanting to celebrate and make it special. It's also important to re-connect, especially since Emery will soon be joining your family and that will make it even more difficult for alone time.
    Sticking with the Dave Ramsey is vital, but so is staying connected to your spouse.
    Stay in.... or splurge. I think do what you guys want to do! Happy early birthday.

  8. Hi Christy,

    You know I am doing Dave Ramsey also and this year in March, it's my 40th too. I really wanted to do something special, like a cruise, ha ha and then started thinking about Catalina but way too expensive and not in the budget. I also vote for staying home and having a nice dinner or going out and paying for it through your restaurant fund. I think we are going to go to Disneyland as a family, since we all have passes now. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make some nice memories. =)

  9. Whatever you do, have it include champagne. Not just beer/wine. I always think Champagne makes an event feel special.

    LOVE DAVE RAMSEY!! My life is changed forever b/c of that man and I truly believe he is a gift from God!

  10. If you are TRULY serious about getting out of debt ... you will stay home!! From your blog posts, you seem to live quite "out of your means" all the time!! It's just a birthday --- just a number!! Live like the regular folks ... send the kids to your sisters, have your husband cook you a nice dinner, and sleep in the next day!! Getting out of debt should be much more important!!

    1. Anonymous,

      While I agree we have lived out of our means for a very long time, we are not anymore. If you read my blog you will see that we have changed that and we now live on a tight budget -- below our means! We not only are paying off our debt but also finding this adoption on our own-- no loans-- nothing. I understand your statemtent but I think if you look at past blog posts from before we started Daves program then yes, we were out of our means. But since August-- not at all. We have done well and I am proud of the work we have done. Getting out of debt is important to us-- hence the reason we have so drastically changed our lives.

  11. I just have to say that I am always surprised when people make such rude comments on blogs:(. I know the vast majority of the people who comment here have been friendly and kind and state their opinions respectfully, but the occasional comment with the tone of the anonymous poster above really makes me sad. I think it takes a lot of courage to openly discuss a weakness that you've had in your life and share it on your blog. Yes, Christy is pretty open and has chosen to share these private and potentially embarrassing details about her life (the fact that they have lived beyond their means) knowing that it opens her up to criticism. But I never understand why a poster would choose to be so negative when someone has openly shared how they are working on this weakness they have? Why wouldn't you share your opinion in an encouraging way as the earlier posters did? Yes, state your opinion! Christy asked for it! But please, think about what it takes to share this part of her life with people she doesn't know well! None of us are perfect! I know if I chose to share one of my big struggles on a blog, I would hope that the people who chose to comment would help and encourage, rather than demean. Ok, I will stop my rant. I just couldn't help but post Chris! I am very proud of you and Kev and I am so happy that you all have been so committed in turning things around financially! Keep it up!!! Love you guys:)

  12. Shame on the person who wrote the rude response! You are jealous, or obviously a very mean, angry person who needs counseling. Bitterness and anger will ruin your life. That response "anonymous" should be filed under T for TRASH!!!!!

  13. How about Papa and Grandma Julie take the kids for 2 nights, you get on line and find 2 nIght get aways that had a dinner included and papa and grandma pay for one night?4

  14. First, congrats on doing such a great job with Dave Ramsey.

    Second, I vote for you to take your short trip. I've worked for several wealthy business owners over the years and each encouraged their staff to take vacations every year but only doing so within their means and not going into debt for it. If you have the funds to pay cash for a vacation, then I encourage you to enjoy yourself within the budget you set for yourself.

    Take care and enjoy yourself!


  15. Hi I just found your blog and wanted to introduce myself. Im Lori At we too are a bio adoptive family. My boys are hockey players and we have one daughter from Kaz another from China and daughter number 3 on her way home this month from China. We've named her Mia! Too many connections not to say hello.

    Happy 40th, Lori