Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Groovy Mia ~ Winter Camp ~ Hot Pot

Lots of random stuff. First off most of these pictures were either taken with my iphone-- horrible quality-- or they were tagged on my facebook from Ethan's friends. We don't allow Ethan or Owen to have a facebook account so their friends just tag the pictures on my account-- it works.

Groovy Mia decided to put on the cool Afro wig-- she looks awesomse!!!

The following pictures were taken at the boys Church winter camp this past weekend. They had an AMAZING time and they both grew tremendously in their walks with the Lord
!!! It was a wonderful time and while I only have a few pics from being tagged on facebook, I thought I would post what I had :)

Owen and Christian (my nephew-- kids cousin- my brothers son) in the background. Kind of a cool pic.

Ethan being the "BOB" he is!

Looking for the next cool thing to do

Ethan and a bunch of girls-- and one other guy. The girl with her arm around Ethan is our niece Kaitlyn (Kevin's brothers daughter- Kaitlyn and Kylie). Kaitlyn and Ethan are the same age and have always been close. The girls have been going to church with us on Wednesday nights and some Sundays and love our church youth group. Tonight they actually brought a friend. So at camp last weekend were my boys, my nephew Christian and my nieces Kaitlyn and Kylie-- isn't that totally cool!!!!

I guess he was posing for the pic - our little model-- little nothing-- shoot he if about an inch taller than me now :(

So Kev and I are all into the thing. You pay like $1 or $2 and sometimes $3 to get a $25 gift certificate to different restaurants. Go online and check it out as it will save you a TON of money. We wanted Chinese - good Chinese- and decided to drive to San Gabriel which is about 35 min from our house but it is in a VERY CHINESE area which is about as authentic as you can get. So we found this hot pot restaurant that was on and we had an amazing meal for super cheap! We had never done hot pot like this and it was a great experience We will for sure go back again-- you know it was good when we were the only non Asian couple in the restaurant :)

Tsing Tao-- Gotta love them :)
See the green noodles at the bottom of the pic-- they are handmade noodles you cook in the hot pot. They were amazing and I think the whole plate of noodles was only like $2. Super great food at a super cheap price and it literally felt like we were back in China. We loved it!!!!!

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