Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CNY Celebrations

My parents wanted to take the family out to our favorite Chinese Restaurant in Pasadena so we decided to make it our final Chinese New Year Celebration!! It was a great time and the kids had a blast. The girls and I prepared with lots of crafts and cupcake ice cream cones. We decided to buy all the stuff for making red envelope with little decorated notes inside. The kids loved the craft and the adults enjoyed getting their red envelopes stuffed with the cute notes. We also did these awesome ice cream cone cupcakes. I saw this on a blog I frequent and I thought the idea was awesome so the girls and I attempted the tasty treat and we did a pretty good job for the first try. I will adjust a few things next time but they cook up great in the cones and then you decorate them and you have a cupcake and an edible holder all in one. Great idea!!!

My dad with the grandgirls

Miss Mia

The girls attempting to work the chopsticks

My parents with all the grandkids- we had a great time!!!


  1. You have such a beautiful family!


  2. They are too cute! I was inspired by your commitment to reading and living the Dave R-smey plan that I recently purchased his book and have been reading it. It is inspiring and refreshing. I have read plenty of books before, but it is encouraging to know we have been trying to do the right thing, we just needed a little push. Thanks for sharing. Please let us know how you are coming along.
    Blessings from CT
    Caroline, John and Hannah Grace