Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A visit from our Shenyang guide-- MAGGIE!!!!!

We were so excited to get an email from Maggie, our guide in Shanyang from Finley's adoption, who was in Los Angeles on business. We were so thankful to have the opportunity to meet up with Maggie and hurried home from our beach vacation to take her and her friend out to dinner. Maggie is an amazing woman who was pivotal in helping us communicate with Ms. Wang at Finley's orphanage. She is the one who put us in contact and did a lot of the translation and really set us up to have so much communication before we got Finley. She has been so generous with her time and visits Finley's orphanage often and even brought gifts for all of us from Ms. Wang. She also brought adorable panda backpack's for the girls as a gift. It was a wonderful night and I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to meet with her and her friend. She is just an amazing person I feel privileged to know!

We went to Northwoods Inn which is very "American" with steaks and all kinds of old west type cuisine. The boys had already arranged a sleep over with friends so they were unable to come to dinner. The girls have a bunch of clippies in their hair that Ms. Wang sent with Maggie as gifts.

Maggie putting the clips in Finley's hair-- too cute!

All the girls!!! The girls loved Maggie and quickly warmed up to her. Mia said that Maggie was a pretty Chinese grown up and she wants to be pretty like Maggie someday. I thought that was so cute!

So cute!!

Maggie and I

The whole gang

We had such a great time with Maggie and were so thankful to have the opportunity to meet with her. Hopefully on future visits to the US, we can meet up again-- maybe have a Fushun Orphanage West Coast Reunion!!!!


  1. That's so neat!!!

    btw: we also have that gymbo dress, its adorable! we should totally go somewhere and have all 3 girls wear them. It would confuse the heck out of everyone ;-)