Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer This and That

We have been doing a lot of summer hanging out. Not a lot of exciting and super cool things- rather a lot of relaxing, swimming, hanging around the house (and free things :). Consequently, I have been searching high and low for easy--non mess making-- things to do so we all don't go stir crazy. Yes we have been on 2 camping trips and we have one more planned the first week in August but other than that, we are spending time relaxing and just hanging out. We have 2 Chinese students, Dwayne and Bruce, staying with us for 2 weeks. They are part of our church's program where 100 students from Schezwan come to the US for over a month and they spend 2 of those weeks with our church learning about religion, American culture, English and a bunch of other cool things. We have hosted students for about 5 or 6 years now and we enjoy the experience each year. Our boys this year are very sweet and I will post pics of them soon. For now, here are a few activities we have engaged in :)

PS- still trying to perfect the mobile blogging but it is not the picture quality I want so I'm annoyed but still working on it.

Making sugar cookies. Yes a fun summer activity to fill the time-- the problem is now in the boredom of summer I am eating those cooking and I must say I am putting on a few pounds for sure. I can tell I am eating out of boredom and my thighs are having trouble fitting into clothes-- uggg!!!!

Mia proud of her creation

Finley working on her creation

Pre- decorated. OK, now for the lameness of me-- I can never save cookie cutters. Somehow they disappear all the time. Soooooo, the only cookie cutters I could find were Halloween ones. Therefore, we decorated cats, moons, pumpkins and broom sticks-- lovely!! BTW, the girls could have cared less what they were decorating as long as it involved lots of frosting and sprinkles, they were good!!

We have also done lots of coloring, drawing and painting. My nieces live around the corner- and we have a pool-- so they have been spending lots of time hanging out with the girls. Here they are working on their painting projects:)


  1. Sounds like our summer - good, but lazy! It's kind of nice for a change though!

  2. Before I got to your comment about the girls, I thought they probably wouldn't care what the cutters were. Mine don't disappear, I just can't remember where they are when I want them, so the same thing happens at our house. They all taste the same in the end :)


  3. Looks like you all are having a great summer! Love the comment about the Halloween cookies--you're right, kids don't care as long as they have the goodies to go on top :)

  4. Gosh, Kaitlyn looks exactly like a girl version of Greg and Kylie is a mini Lynsee!