Sunday, July 10, 2011

Doheney Beach, Dana Point, CA!!!!

We had a wonderful camping vacation to Doheney Beach this past week. We were able to join a wonderful group from the boys hockey team and a bunch of their friends when they had a cancellation. Doheney takes reservations exactly 6 months in advance and books up for the year in about 2 minutes online. Therefore, to be offered a camping spot for a week is an opportunity you MUST TAKE!!!! So we did and they even had one more cancellation that our friends were able to take at the last minute. All in all, we had a wonderful and relaxing vacation!!

The pictures were all on my little old point and shoot so they are not great but it's all I have.

Mia playing in the hole Kevin made. Give the kids a hole in the sand and they are happy for hours!

Finley playing in the sand

Mia dancing on the shore-- she is so funny-- she is dancing, singing or tumbling CONSTANTLY!!!!

Owen surfing. Doheney is a surf beach so there were TONS of surfers everywhere!

Owen and his board-- by the way, you will notice very few pictures of the boys. They were off running wild with their friends the WHOLE time so it was rare I was able to get a picture of them.

Girls about to dig a hole

Sand--gotta love it

Playing with daddy

Such awesome legs- I only wish.....

Mia doing a cartwheel

About to do the splits

Love the smile :)

Love that smile-- so darn cute!!!!

That one too--- so cute!

Finley is a good sand digger

Relaxing on the beach

Throwing Cheese balls at the seagulls

Ummm.... Pole dancing?????

Some posed pics but still cute

Silly girls

Posers :)

My beautiful girls!!!

Sugar cones with rainbow sherbet...... awe...summer....

Mia is particularly a fan

Mia riding her scooter-- at the camp ground this activity is very popular

Finley on her big wheel--thing-- it's a razor brand and the back spins around-- its called 360 or something like that.

Riding the campground

One of the only pictures of Ethan from the weekend-- he is way too cool now-- ya right!!!

Eating with Jenna (our friends daughter)

And the boys- with Jack and Dane

Steve and Janine and Kev-- I was so happy-- not one picture of me the whole time--yipeee-- just what I want - a picture of me in a bathing suit-- NO WAY!!!!

We had a blast!!!!


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