Friday, July 1, 2011

Busy Summer and Happy 17 years!!

I'm really sorry for not blogging consistently but summer has got the best of me. We went to Les Miserables last Friday night and it was absolutely amazing and one of the best Val jeans I have ever seen. We got these things called HOTTIX and they are seats in the theater that are partially obstructed views. The HOTTIX go on sale on a certain date and they go fast. You literally have to get on the phone the second they go on sale and call many-- many -- many times in order to get 2 tickets (you only can get 2 tickets per call-- I had to get 7 tickets so I had to call 4 times which added up to hours on the phone and about 500 redials). The tickets are sold from the front of the orchestra to the back of the balcony depending on when you call. They cant tell you where your seats are at all and they are very strict-- they cant even say "oh you got orchestra". It is totally kept quiet until you get the tickets in the mail about a week later. The best part is, each HOTTIX is only $20 per ticket TOTAL- OUT THE DOOR!!!! AMAZING DEALS!!! Turns out, we had AMAZING seats. I must have been one of the first to get HOTTIX for our date because our seats were A1 and A2. My parents and Brad and Amy's were row 8 and 9 the last 2 seats in those rows and my sister had a box seat. All of our seats were phenomenal and I we had perfect views of everything. The best part is that Kev and I were front row!! We could look into the orchestra and literally got spat on! We could see EVERYTHING and being that close really draws you in! It was amazing and I am so thankful that we got those seats because it made the night even that more special-- for all of us!!!

Kevin and I are celebrating 17 years as a married couple tomorrow (July 2, 1994). We were just 22 year old kids but at that point we had already been together dating for 6 years- we were 16 years old when we started dating. Each year we do a quick trip to Las Vegas for our anniversary. We literally eat and sleep and relax and that we did. We spent 2 nights at the Venetian and ate amazing food and just got back this afternoon. It's about a 3 hour drive so Vegas is an easy get away for us and we just love our yearly trips. This was a great anniversary trip and I am so thankful we got away.

So, to my wonderful husband-- I cant tell you how much I love and appreciate you! You are an amazing man of God who I enjoy watching what God is doing daily in your life and in our families life. You lead our family in every way and most importantly-- spiritually. You are such a wonderful example to our boys of who they want to be when they grow up.

Your priorities are squared away and you know what matters. You love God, your family and give of yourself in every way to so many here and on the missions trips you take. I am so thankful for you and all you are.
You are my best friend and an inspiration to not only me but to many. I am told regularly how amazing you are and I agree wholeheartedly.

You are tender, loving, giving, and provide a perfect example of how the boys should treat their eventual spouses and what the girls should want in a spouse. I thank God for you all the time and I pray for you and the direction God is taking you daily. Happy anniversary my love!! I am so thankful for you and love you so very much!!!!!

Happy 17th Anniversary!!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Love, love, love these pictures! You look FABULOUS!

  2. I have tears in my eyes!


  3. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you had a great time!


  4. Happy 17th to you both!!! Enjoy your summer and all the fun that comes with it!