Monday, July 18, 2011

Really??? Spina Bifida????

While I watched Finley prance around the park carelessly jumping off the side of play equipment or swinging on the monkey bars to other parents gasping as she did her next daring jump, I pondered the fact that this little girl has absolutely no limitations due to her Spina Bifida. She is a monkey in every way and takes pleasure in watching us all white knuckle it as she leaps from one play apparatus to the next. Finley is truly an amazing child who defys the odds and is not at all what many of us would expect from a child with spina bifida. She has no limitations and even if she did have physical limitations I doubt she would let them hold her back. She is a tough cookie who is a fighter in ever way!!!

I think Finley gets a lot of her daring personality from just having that personality but I do think having Mia as her sister helps. Mia has no fear and does things with her little body that is way beyond her years. Having Mia as an older sister model helps push Finley to push the envelope.

Yes she drops from this and it is much higher than it looks in the picture.

She also jumps off the side of the slide -- the taller ones too. She freaks out all the parents as they watch-- I love it because they are looking for her parents to stop her and they have no idea I am mom because I am not Asian and then after her trick I cheer and clap and people look at us with confusion. I get such a kick out of that!


  1. Oh, you are hilarious!! Yep -Finley looks spicy and you certianly cant tell the girl has ever had spina bifida! I think I would delight in telling people THAT just as much as I would pretending to "look for her mom" at the park!


  2. We looked at adopting a boy with spina bifida and the SB team at our children's hospital told us that it was very important that the child be in an active household with a sibling or siblings close in age so that the SB child would know no limitations. They said the worst thing that could be done to an SB child is coddling him/her. Looks like you are the perfect family!


  3. Bless her little heart! It looks like she is doing fabulous! The girls are just precious together!

  4. Such a blessing!!!!!!! I love seeing this post Christy!
    God has protected your precious girl!


  5. Loved catching up on your blog. Your family is just wonderful. Finley is really getting big. Excited to hear her about her last Dr. appt.... hooray!

    Enjoy the summer!


  6. I love that! She is cute as can be. Wesleigh is not that much of a dare devil, but you would never guess that she has spina bifida either!! Amazing!! Love that you get a kick out of confusing people...I love that too :)