Monday, July 25, 2011

Gymnastics Time!!!

*by the way, this post was all done by email-- totally cool feature of blogger I didnt know about-- try it out!

The girls have finally-- officially-- started gymnastics. Dance if fun for them but Mia just has a very natural ability with gymnastics and Finley seems to follow suit so we decided to officially enroll both of them. Mia has self taught herself the round off, cartwheel and other way beyond her age skills. She can jump into the middle splits without even thinking about it. She has an amazing strength to body weight ratio and she is very muscular. That serves her well in gymnastics. We decided to split the girls into different classes because their skill levels were so different. Don't get me wrong-- Finley is quite adept as well but is more at the front roll/ back roll level. Anyway, they had a great time at gymnastics and we are so fortunate to have a great kids program at our local gym. Mia is in Kinderstars where they work on more tumbling/ bar work and Finley is in Tiny Stars which is a preschool beginners class (one step from mommy and me). Both girls did amazing and are so excited to go back again soon!!!!

Mia getting ready to go on the long trampoline-- sorry there are few pictures of Mia. I started taking pictures with my phone and then moved to my other lame camera so I cant seem to get the Mia pics off my phone-- sorry!

Finley doing her side roll

Clearly enjoying herself

Finley on the zip line thing

Finley on the little balance thing (sorry for my lack of gymnastic terminology)

Bouncing down the trampoline-- gotta love her little cheeks hanging out. Her lipoma (bump) on her bum always pulls her undies or whatever she is wearing up her bum. It is kind of cute but I am always pulling whatever she is wearing down.


  1. Both of the girls are so adorable.

    Take care.


  2. You'll have the terminology down in no time!


  3. So cute! I was thinking about signing G up for gym...I'm very familiar with precision. When do the girls go?