Thursday, April 28, 2011


Here is a quick sneak peek of some of the professional family pictures we had done a couple weeks ago. The amazing photographer just finished editing the pictures and is sending them to me on a CD tomorrow, but for now she sent a few to give us a sneak preview!!! I am thrilled and if the 100 pictures on the CD are anything like these, I am going to be one happy mommy. By the way, we have never had professional pictures done with the exception of the church directory. Pitiful I know but we finally did it and I am so pleased. Let me know what you think.

Love this one!!!

We were just kidding when she took these pictures with Owen and the glasses but I kind of like this pic!

It's small but I like the one of the girls and Kev and I. In the other picture the girls are scowling at each other because Finley would not hold Mia's hand and she was upset.

My handsome boy... I mean teen!!!

I love this candid pic

So what are your thought? I should have the CD with over 100 awesome pics on it so I'm sure I will love going through and picking my favorites. Ill share more soon.


  1. I love that top pic too!! and candids are always my favorite...Mia and Finley scowling is priceless!! We have never had professional pics taken either!

  2. So so cute! Great photos -- you have an adorable family!


  3. I love, love, love your new family pictures! Everyone looks sooo happy! I love your new shorter do too!

  4. beautiful!!! But that was a sure hit!!! Can't wait to see the rest! Tell Kevin to hang on to his wallet! ;)

  5. How like sisters to be scowling in one pic and laughing in the next. great photos.

  6. These are really nice Christy. Can't wait to see more. I'll have to get the info from you. I've been wanting to get some outdoor family shots done.

  7. I love the first and last shots-both have all six of you in them.

  8. I just love these shots!! LOVE them!!