Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun Day at Disney!!!!

We decided to take a Disney trip at the last minute with my BFF’s Laila and Laura and Ava. We had such a fun time and even indulged the girls in face painting. It was a lot of fun and Finely even went on the Matterhorn (i.e. fast roller coaster) and loved it!!!! I think she will be a bit of a dare devil like her sister and brothers which is fine with me since I love fast rides. Now all we need now is to get Finley to grow about 3 inches so she is tall enough for the 40 inch and over rides. Mia is barely at the 40 inch mark with shoes (one ride they let her on and another they said no—so we need to make sure to wear thick shoes next time) so we are going to have to get Finley some 3 inch platform flip flops so she can ride all the big rides too :)

My handsome boys at the Tron thing at California Adventure-- Ethan does not look like a boy anymore-- he looks like a teen-- yikes!!!

Finley getting her fave painted

She concentrated so hard!!
She loved the results and kept looking at herself in the mirror

Soooooo PRETTY!!!

She did not want to wash it off at night-- too cute!

Awwwww!!! Ethan can be so sweet to his sisters and sometimes not so sweet

Mia's turn

Applying the glitter


All the girls with their Princess painting!!! Ava looked so cute!!

All the kids together

My pretty girl!

Finley loved the carousel

Laughing at her brother

Mia got the high road on Ethan's shoulders

Finely-- not quite so high :)


  1. Looks like an AMAZING day at Disney...
    Love the girls faces..

  2. Fun day! Ethan does look so much like a teen! And Mia's hair is getting SO long!! Such a blessed momma you are! I so need a trip down south so I can meet your beautiful Finley!

  3. What a fun day at Disney. Your girls are soooo flippin' cute!

  4. Oh my gosh! I just love the photo of Ethan and Finley! Beautiful!