Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Referral Day Mia - 4 years ago!!

Yes, I am a bit late posting on Mia's referral day 4 years ago but better late than never. We have been so busy and the weather has been strange that we have not had a day to go out and have a little photo shoot. Well today was the day. First off it is Friday and not only do I not work on Friday's but the girls are off preschool which means we have a day of relaxation so we decided to head outside on this beautiful 80+ degree day to attempt to get a few cute shots. I even got my nice camera out which is rare now days. Mia was all smiles and was happy as can be to pose for pictures-- Finley-- not so much-- uggg!! It went pretty well but ended on a lovely tantrum by my sweet Finley but other than that blip, it was great and my beautiful Mia was proud as can be to hold her referral picture.

Mia, you are such an amazingly wonderful girl! We love you so much and are so thankful for everything you are. You have been such a tremendous addition to our family and it is as if you have always been with us. You are smart and funny and sweet. You are a natural leader and people love to be around you! You have taken the addition of your new sister like a champ and have been a wonderful teacher and role model for her. We all love you so very much and we thank Jesus everyday that you are part of our family.

Love, Mommy

I took so many pictures that I made some collages to make it easier to post

So beautiful in all ways!! I just love my little Mipi!!!

Finley wanted to get in on the referral picture action. I love the look on Mia's face in this picture. She looks so proud.

You can click on the collage and it will get bigger if you want to see the pictures close up.

Then we started on just taking cute pictures and Finley complied for about 3 minutes and then decided to oppose everything I tried-- not fun-- uggg!!

So beautiful!!

Mia on the other hand was all smiles and loved that the pictures were for HER!!!

I tried to get Finley happy with bubbles-- didn't work too well. If you click on the collage you can see that she is crying in one of the pictures. Mia loved the bubbles and was chasing them around our yard.

And the throwing a fit collage. She was so mad but I was standing my ground and I would not let her go back into the house until she stopped crying ( for a variety of reasons but mostly she was being very mean to her sister and I was not going to let that happen). She lasted about 10 minutes then I moved her to time out - out of the sun (she is so fare I was worried she was going to burn). She finally stopped and she came in and watched Kai Lan and had lunch.

Overall, the pictures were for Mia and she loved the whole thing so all is well. Here-- Happy 4 year referral day-- a little late :)

PS- The dress Finley is wearing was given to Mia many years ago by our good pal Kim. My friend Laila loved it so much that she had one made for her daughter Ava. Well, the other day when I was at Laila's house we decided to clean out Ava's closet and get rid of things that were too small. Besides getting a truckload of beautiful dresses, Ava had grown out of the matching dress as the one Kim bought Mia so we now have a matching pair (as well as a bunch of other matching dresses-- Laila and I have the same taste in girls clothes). I have always loved this dress and actually used it in our professional family pictures we had done yesterday.


  1. The girls are so cute and happy referral day to Mia! I was thrilled to see the dresses. I saved enough of that fabric to make one for Chloe next year.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the girl's knot dresses!! So cute! And their clippies! I can't believe it's been 4 years! Love the photo shoot (even the fit!) and can't wait to see the family ones you had taken!

  3. Good for you, tough-love Mommy! The pictures are great, though.


  4. I was going to ask if that was the dress I got Mia..
    Love it.. they are soooo cute ..
    I miss you sooo much..
    and love you sooo much..
    the girls are adorable..

  5. Beautiful pix Christy! Happy referral day anniversary.