Thursday, January 20, 2011

We made it to Seoul

We left last night or sometime like that because currently I have no idea what day it is. We headed to my parents house for a quick pizza dinner and then my parents took us to LAX and my sister took the kids home to be with them for the next 15 days. It was hard saying goodbye to the kids and I was for sure emotional but knowing they are sleeping in their own beds and my sister (2nd mom) is with them, it is all ok! We had this last picture of a family of 5 taken before we left for the airport.

Next time we are all together we will be a family of 6-- wow!! That sounds so strange!

After 13 hours of flying we made it to Seoul at 5am. We tried to lay on the couches and sleep a bit but never really slept because we were so cold. So we waited till 7am when everything opened and had some breakfast-- no not ham and eggs-- Korean breakfast which is not what you would expect for breakfast.

Please excuse the nasty hair and oil laden face-- at this point we've been traveling for about 19 hours. I ate some noodle soup thing with a bunch of funky nondescript things in it. Was super spicy and I loved it!!!!

A picture of the "food court" in the Seoul airport

Kevin also had a funky rice thing with a bunch of other funky things in it and he loved it as well! We love this kind of food so even though it is funky, we still like it!
So now we wait for our plane to Shenyang. It is only an hour and 30 minute flight over to Shenyang and we have about an hour and a half left till we leave. So, in about 3 hours, we will be in the city we will get Finley-- yaaa!!! We arrive Friday (today for us here) at 11:20am and our guide Maggie will meet us at the airport and take us around and to our hotel. Tomorrow is sightseeing around Shenyang and then Sunday is the orphanage visit which we can hardly wait for. Anyway, I will check back in later once we arrive in Shenyang but I wanted everyone to know we made it safe to Korea.
Ethan, Owen and Mia-- we love and already miss you!! We will call you tonight on Skype. Only 2 more days till we finally have your little sister. Be good for Cassie and we love you so very much. Love Mommy and Daddy!!


  1. Oh baby!! cant wait to see Finley in your arms!! Big Hugs!!

  2. Congratulations on getting to the other side of the world safely!


  3. YEAH...welcome to asia...yes, strange things for breakfast are now the norm...cabbage, rice, noodles, chicken...every day! Don't be so hard on yourself you look FAB for a girl who just sat on a plane for a gazillion hours! See you soon! Can't wait to see YOUR orphanage visit!!! Dress warm!

  4. Can't wait to see your posts! Praying for you guys! STAY WARM!!

  5. So excited!!! You are soooo close!! xoxo

  6. Yay!! Can't wait to see more!!!

  7. Yaaaay!!! SOOOO excited and can't wait to hear more!!! I love seeing the pics too! I think you guys have landed in Shenyang by now - hopefully Maggie met you and all is well - oh I so hope you update asap:):):) I can hardly contain my excitement thinking about the next few days! Love you guys! xoxo

  8. So excited to be following your journey, since we will be leaving in20 days for ours! I can't wait to see Finley in your arms!
    Vicki (from Redlands)

  9. You look AMAZING ~ you both do! There's that 'glow' about you ...hmmmmm, wonder why!?! ;) Can't WAIT to see your PRECIOUS Finley in your arms. It's almost time!! God bless! <><


    p.s.>>> the food looks DELISH!!!

  10. Yeah!! you guys made it.

  11. Dear Christy and Kevin, David and I are laughing out loud about the funky rice thing with a bunch of other funky things in it. A completely true description of certain dishes. Can't wait to see Finley when you get there. We are mesmerized by reading your posts and are sending you our love and prayers. Joyce and Dave

  12. Soooo excited.. Love you .. YOU look AMAZING..
    And I sooo look at you and remember you just like that wearing that necklace for Mia..